BlackBerry Z10 available from Maxis as low as RM988


The BlackBerry Z10 is finally available in Malaysia with Maxis being the exclusive telco to offer the device for now. On Maxis, the BlackBerry Z10 goes as low as RM988 for Maxis One Club customers, while other customers are getting as low as RM1,268. Outright, the BlackBerry Z10 is priced at RM2,188.

The new Z10 doesn’t require BIS subscription like previous BlackBerry device and Maxis has introduced a “iValue” style plans called BBMore which offers a combination of voice calls, SMS and mobile internet. There are 3 BBMore subscription plans being offered at RM55 (500MB), RM88 (1GB) and RM148 (5GB) monthly. The Z10 is offered on contract with either 12 months or 24 months subscription and surprisingly Maxis is only offering 12 months contract for the BBMore 55.

Full bundled pricing for the Z10 are as follows:

BBMore55 (12 months) – RM1,888 (RM200 Advance Payment)

BBMore88 (12 months) – RM1,708 (RM400 Advance Payment)
BBMore88 (24 months) – RM1,488 (RM700 Advance Payment)

BBMore148 (12 months) – RM1,588 (RM500 Advance Payment)
BBMore148 (24 months) – RM1,268 (RM900 Advance Payment)

Maxis One Club
BBMore148 (24 months) – RM988 (Advance Payment Waived)

Advance payment is required during registration ranging between RM200-900 depending on plan and duration however Maxis One Club subscribers are entitled for a waiver. For more information, head over to Maxis BBMore page. Maxis One Club members, head here for their RM988 offer. According to Maxis website, the MOC membership is exclusive for loyal customers that have been spending RM150/monthly with 12 months of good payment records.

To recap on the Z10 hardware specs, it runs on a dual-core 1.5GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and comes with 16GB of storage which you can expand using microSD. It comes with a 4.2″ display that pushes 1280×768 pixels resolution which gives it a rather packed 356ppi. You can check out the official full specs of the Z10 here.

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