All Your Questions Answered: HTC Butterfly

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We finally managed to get our hands on a HTC Butterfly which is currently HTC’s flagship device until the next big thing is revealed.

To recap on the specs, the HTC Butterfly comes with a Full HD 5″ display with a Quad-Core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and f/2.0 8MP camera.

On first impression, the Butterfly is lighter than its looks and somewhat doesn’t feel any bigger than the HTC One X. The unit which we have is red in colour that comes with a rather glossy plastic back. Not really a fan of glossy surfaces especially plastic but it still feels very well put together.

While we don’t get LTE connectivity, the HTC Butterfly that we get here comes with microSD expansion slot. It also comes with some form of water resistance but it is more of splash proof rather than a phone which you can submerge into water. So far the only annoyance we found is the micro-SIM slot that’s covered under the flush flaps. The metal tray is inserted pretty deep which takes quite some prying with long fingernails to get it out.

If you have any questions, do shoot us at the comment section below or tweet to us at @soya_cincau.

Q1. What version is it running on?
Android 4.1.1 with HTC Sense 4+

Q2. How much is the HTC Butterfly?

Q3. Which telco is offering it?
Celcom, DiGi, Maxis and TuneTalk.

Q4. Is the HTC mini available here?
Not at the moment.

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16 Comments for All Your Questions Answered: HTC Butterfly


The figure on the battery mAh was lower than expected but i heard the type of battery used was different so its stamina was said to be on par with the others.
Does it feel bulky for single hand usage?
Camera function ok?


    The battery capacity is rather low for a phone in this class. However there's a Power Saver option which does help to push usability longer with options such as disabling data when screen is off and non-vital features including vibration of menu buttons.

    In terms of single handed use, it is already pushing its limits but definitely more usable than the larger Note II. The placement of the power/wake button right smack in the middle at top is a nuisance which makes it challenge to reach in a single hand.


what is the actual battery life in real life, day to day usage?


    Usability wise, we get about 10-12 hours per charge which is rather short in our heavy day to day usage.


let's make a comparison with Sony Xperia Z since you got both in hand 🙂


    Wait for it. It's coming soon. 🙂


      how soon? more than few months? lol~


can it survive from drop test? :p


When the black colour available ?


will it blend ?


will we receive the black color ever? im waiting for it but if there is not then ill just go for the red only.


Can you compare the camera with Xperia z ? Example like the camera sensor, aperture and other more details between butterfly and z. Thanks !


    We will try to do a camera spec comparison. The HTC Butterfly angle is much wider than the Xperia Z which is better for group or landscape shots


Is there a black version? is it available in Malaysia? and is the back easily scratched?


is it support NFC?