U Mobile introduces UMI 48 package with 2GB data

Posted:  January 17, 2013   By:    14 comments   


U Mobile has revealed more options for its Prepaid Unlimited Mobile Internet offering. Joining the original UMI28 and UMI18, is its new UMI 48 which offers 2GB of data, 100 minutes of calls and 30 SMS for just RM48 monthly.

For those that have a sudden need to use mobile internet excessively, there’s the add-on Booster Plan which offers 1GB of data for 3 days at RM10. Meanwhile for the bundled talk and minutes, U Mobile lets you roll over unused credits but there’s a maximum cap depending on plans. It is also good to know that U Mobile doesn’t charge for excess usage but download speeds will be throttled once you’ve hit your limit.

For more details, head over to U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet page.

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14 Comments for U Mobile introduces UMI 48 package with 2GB data


this plan is starting to attract me. they have the best plan so far. good job u mobile.


if it was RM 40 for 2gb with 150 minutes – then it would be worth it


digi still cheaper and digi performance is so much better nowadays after their upgrade. i can easily get 5mb in klang valley


    care to tell me which digi plan is cheaper and have more value than this? because i just cant find one.

    God jio

    5mb ? Why i cant even get 500kbps??

    Andrew C

    Interesting..take Digi RM48/month, only data-but SMS, voice- PAYU.
    Digi prepaid smart- take RM30/month, but only 600MB data,and only 60mins inter networks and 60 inter SMS. (and of course 30 intra MMS).

    Anyway, I do use both networks,and with UMobile piggy back on Maxis- you get both.(domestic data roaming)


Best bargain in town!!! Love it!

    Grammar Nazi

    In the country*


Attractive plans but too bad my house is in a hole in U mobile's coverage map.

    Andrew C

    then set to data roaming-domestic roaming on Maxis network


      how u set this on iphone?


    For U Mobile Prepaid, no international roaming except on Starhub. This is a deal-breaker for me.


I live in KL 90% of time coverage in 3G, i goes back to Perak in small village also got covered 3g, BEST !


    But , bad thing is their customer service is suck! You got to hear and waiting on line for 45min if your trying to reach their assistant, worst more accasionally cut / blocked my line without reason, even i pay then on time, if you are depending their line consistensy for business calls, avoid umobile, get this if you have second phone!