Sony Xperia Z coming to Malaysia in Q1 2013

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UPDATE: Sony Malaysia has updated that the Sony Xperia ZL will also be available in Malaysia as well. Still no availability dates and pricing mentioned at moment.

The Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL will be launched today in this region at Singapore where we will be getting a hands-on pretty soon. Both devices are the latest flagship models that carry a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro processor mated with 2GB of RAM, a Full 1080p HD 5″ display and an improved 13MP camera.

What differenciates the 2 is the Xperia Z offers water and dust resistance at IP55/57 rating in a slim 7.9mm profile while the Xperia ZL has a shorter and narrower dimensions for a more compact design. You can get more details of both devices in our earlier post here.

In terms of model availability, Malaysia will be getting the water resistant capable Xperia Z while Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines will get both Xperia Z and the more compact Xperia ZL. No exact dates and pricing are mentioned but it is slated for Q1 this year which is within the next 1-2 months. The Xperia Z will come in Black, White and Purple while the Xperia ZL comes in just Black and White.

Both devices support 4G LTE but the Xperia Z in particular supports Band 7 2600MHz, which is the LTE spectrum our telco are operating in.

We will share our hands-on experience later today. Do follow us on twitter at @soya_cincau as we will be tweeting from the event.

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17 Comments for Sony Xperia Z coming to Malaysia in Q1 2013


already per order..waiting..


    where u pre order? 🙂


      from oversea..bit expensive..around 650 euro


        actually this for my 2nd phone(work)..
        i'm waiting the awesome phone from samsung 🙂


          moe, what I can say is u r rich! haha, but 650euro is damn expensive la, sigh, have to wait


          sony just take advantage before s4 launching..
          sony still can't compare with samsung..
          i make analysis hardware n software for hp n smartphone


          agree. in term of software, i think sony need to offer something which samsung had. furthermore, sony better not to mess up this time, if not people still prefer the brand which already a mainstrean which is samsung


          Bcoz sony cant make many money afew last years
          Sony scare with samsung..
          Thats why sony bring out experia z 1st..
          For me after s4 launch sony will be out new product..
          Sony still like y2k just for


    Wer to preorder? I wanna order too!


The above link says the C6503 variant of the Xperia ZL will also support LTE bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 & 20. So do we still have a chance for it to be launched here?

Really hoping for ZL to reach our shores too…


    c6503 for ZL n c6603 for Z support LTE..


It's hard to trust Sony when it comes to Smartphones specially in recent years. I believe we must wait and see how this phone really works as what you see on paper in terms of specifications doesn't always match the expectations. However, Let's hope Sony has made up a good phone.


    sony just same design if u look with last year phone..
    just modified a bit


      similar concept design like the legendary Sony Ericsson k800i


If lte wateva i only prefer unlimited data plan. Duhh sony cmon u losing my interest why take water proof instead can get both again by other country??? sony you making big time mistake!!