Nokia Lumia 620: A Nice Mix of Performance and Value, In Stores Friday

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If you’re looking for a smartphone under RM1,000 and enjoy going off the beaten path then this gem of a Windows Phone might be something you want to consider.

The Lumia 620 is Nokia’s definition of value for money. Featuring a 3.8-inch 800×480 (246ppi) ClearBlack display and an interchangeable back cover that comes in seven colours, the entry-level Lumia packs a 1GHz dual-core Krait processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. In addition, there’s a microSD card slot to expand capacity all the way to 64GB if you need it.There’s also NFC support if that tickles your fancy and a 5MP rear camera with 720p video recording and a VGA camera completes the package.

Admittedly, the specs are nothing to shout about and there’s no LTE support but for RM799, the Lumia 620, which runs Windows Phone 8, is a worthwhile alternative if you’re not looking for a cheap Android phone.

The Nokia 620 goes on sale this Friday.

Sidenote: The HTC Windows Phone 8S packs virtually identical hardware as the Lumia 620 — the screen on the HTC is slightly larger at 4-inches and it has half the onboard storage of the Lumia — but we have not seen HTC really push the device here in Malaysia. If you can find one, it’s worth a look but we’re not sure if it can match the Nokia for value.


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14 Comments for Nokia Lumia 620: A Nice Mix of Performance and Value, In Stores Friday


Read that HTC 8S will priced at rm999…


    Quote from HTC Malaysia FB:

    HTC Malaysia Hey Jern Khang, yes it is available in Malaysia and the price is RM999


HTC 8S looks more gorgeous, Lumia 620 looks more bulky.
Dun mind to pay RM200 more


Compare HTC 8S. Lumia 620 can give solid software package such as City lens, nokia map.


Nokia or HTC, either one is great. Compare this with HTC 8S, I will get a HTC.


The micro-SD card can only store user media like photos, music and video. Everything else need to be stored in the phone internal memory including apps, maps and app data. After deducting the OS you may have 5GB left. Is it enough?


    then 8S only have 4gb on board….nokia 620 is still a better choice with cheaper price..


HTC is not pushing 8X and 8S at all in MY. i have not seen ANY of the demo set available in all their store. will drop by to Nokia to check out 620. seducing.


    What they like is Samsung, Samsung here Samsung there, Fragky Samsung, no innovation at all, know only make the screen bigger. Get the real phone, Nokia 920 or HTC 8X, don't like Windows Phone, get IPhone 5. Samsung phone, even the Google Android itself hates it.

Ahmad Zakwan

It's a matter of OS preference. IMHO, if Lumia phones on Windows 8 platform are AWESOME. If you really want to get Android phones, get Nexus 4, truely GOOGLE EXPERINCE.

Points to ponder :

I took this from website. "There are only two companies making any profit in the mobile handset industry: Apple and Samsung. Would anyone a few years ago have expected Samsung to hold such a position? In some sense, what Apple has done is easier, or at least easier to understand: they have their own exclusive platform, iOS. Samsung has eked out a strong second place position selling a platform, Android, that was supposed to be a commodity. Why is Apple number one? Because they have a unique and superior exclusive offering. Why is Samsung so far ahead of HTC, Motorola, LG, et al? That’s a lot harder to understand."

The Cost of Selling Galaxies ★
"Worth a re-link, regarding yesterday’s item pondering why Samsung has become the only successful (i.e. profitable) maker of Android handsets: they spend an astonishing amount of money on advertising and marketing. How much? At least 10 times more than Apple — and more than Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola combined."

    Ahmad Zakwan

    EXPERIENCE. Sorry for misspelled.


      HTC hired is new Marketing manager.. expecting to advertise HTC like Samsung