DiGi starts Nexus 4 16GB pre-order at RM1,499

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The Nexus 4 is now available for pre-order at DiGi through their online store. Retailing at RM1,649, it goes for as low as RM1,499 with a single option of DG Smart Plan 88 on 24 months contract.

While the phone subsidy looks little, DiGi has focused more of its savings on the monthly subscription. For a start, the new Smart Plan 88 now comes with 8GB data instead of 5GB in conjunction with its Jualan Internet Promo. In the first 6 months, there’s an extra rebate of RM30/month followed by the next 18 months with RM25/month rebate which calculates to additional RM630 savings. That’s inclusive of the RM5/month rebate if you opt for auto-billing.

During sign up, there’s no advance payment requirement but you would still need to pay 1 month subscription of RM88/month during sign up. Those that pre-order now will have their units delivered directly by next week. For those that don’t want to commit too much for their monthly usage, unfortunately there’s no lower options and contract duration for now.

To recap on the specs, the Nexus 4 which is based on LG’s Optimus G runs on a 1.5GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor mated with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. On the front it comes with a 4.7″ IPS display that does 1280×720 1280×768 pixels resolution that’s toughen with Gorilla Glass 2. It has a 8MP camera that’s capable of shooting 1080p videos and a front facing 1.3MP camera that does 720p. Most important of all, it runs on the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and being a pure Android device, you can expect faster roll out of OS updates.

For more information, head over to DiGi’s Nexus 4 page.

Thanks @jcaperture for the early heads up!

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31 Comments for DiGi starts Nexus 4 16GB pre-order at RM1,499


LTE is round the corner. 24 months contract? kidding me…


    Seems once again, telcos are monopolising and locking-in the rakyat, and most of those blindly taking these kind of bait and trap system. 88×24 is __? Alas, we are having a multi-decade decline in English language profiency, PLUS mathematics.


Best phone by most lousy telco.bravo package.


Agree on DIGI – crap, however RRP price is reasonable if stock is available.


better get at rrp or direct get from US… what's the point choose to tight for 24 months with such a little subsidy…nowadays technology change so fast….new nexus, new android with so much better spec may appear anytime soon.. better dun tight up the leg.. 1 yr contract is more reasonable and better choice


    Precisely. These contract systems are not for the rakyat. Perhaps it is acceptable in UK, US.


88 just internet, what a rip off. Phone calls and sms additional charges. Telcos in Malaysia are abusing consumers. Plus digi's 3G aint that good at all. Slowest among all.


It's true that nowadays digi package not as attractive as before..for example surfmore package from Maxis offer cheaper note 2…Digi should really review their offer to attractive more customer…since Maxis offer unlimited internet, i heard more and more ppl port out from digi …


    Maxis offering unlimited internet? Can you point me to their packages?

Digi the Vampire

Time to boikot Digi,the new blood sucker after maxis give up title holder for past years.


Digi used to be the leader in moving the market… what happened to them now???


    What Happened to you – DiGi???


      WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!


        are you guys confused? they actually give you the savings in monthly commitment. Typical malaysian shout before reading the full details.


          what saving? we want discount on the Nexus not the biggie internet and never finish the 8gb

straight eyes

why save RM150 to be a slave to Digi for 24 months? ! lol!


Happened what, Digi?!?!



No one

The product and marketing teams at Digi get pancing by Maxis


Since there is no advance payment for the device, Digi is selling Nexus 4 above its cost. And they are charging 63 per month (that's also inclusive of direct debit rebate). You are now a true blood sucker. Shame on u… Regards, Digi user (who wish to switch but can't)


You got the screen resolution wrong there.

It's 1280 x 768 not 1280 x 720.


    Thanks for pointing that out. It has been fixed.

Core i7

DIGI change info to Phone: RM899 with DG Smart Plan 88, 24 months contract without rebate.

Sound much better. :X

P.S: I know that are same deal. XD


    Where is the link? SHOW US PLEASE!
    please do not simply provide fake info.

      Core i7

      IF DIGI change info to Phone: RM899 with DG Smart Plan 88, 24 months contract without rebate.

      Sound much better. :X

      P.S: I know that are same deal. XD

      Sorry, "IF" was disappear. OTZ

      Current DIGI Deal: RM1499 + RM63x24 Month = RM3011++
      Example Deal : RM899 + RM88x24 Month = RM3011++

Gray Marks

Jeez, DIGI sure is something alright.

What is up with these comments? Spam?


Currently they revised their promo again. It's only RM38 (first 6 months with autobilling) and RM43 for the remaining 18 months if you sign up for the Nexus 4 with DiGi 68 Smart Plan (24 months contract).

So in short, you'll be paying

RM38x6 + RM43x18 + 1499 = RM2501, which is good already ! You're paying RM104 per month for the next 24 months for a phone + line.