Maxis Says LTE Smartphone Plans Coming Soon

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There has been as much confusion as there is interest about the latest wireless technology to hit Malaysia — LTE. LTE is capable of delivering download speeds up to 100Mbps and promises to offload data traffic from 3G networks struggling to keep up with an ever increasing load and when voice-over LTE comes to Malaysia, we will be able to enjoy much improved call quality with HD Voice. But unlike the current crop of 3G smartphones, the availability of phones that are compatible with the 2600MHz (Band 7) LTE standard used in Malaysia is rare and many are asking what phones currently in the market support the 2600MHz frequency.

Before that, let’s start off with LTE devices on sale in Malaysia that are not compatible with 2600MHz. The iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad 4 are not compatible with Malaysia’s LTE network. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • iPhone 5 model A1429 sold here only works with 2100MHz (Band 1), 1800MHz (Band 3) and 850MHz (Band 5)
  • iPad mini model A1455 and iPad 4 model A1460 sold here works with 2100MHz (Band 1) 1800MHz (Band 3) and 850MHz (Band 5), 700 MHz (Band 13) and 1900MHz (Band 25)
  • No versions of the iPhone or iPad currently sold anywhere in the world is compatible with 2600MHz.

Currently, there are three devices that are compatible with 2600MHz – ASUS Padfone 2, Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. We got in touch with Mark Dioguardi, Chief Operating Officer at Maxis and he confirms that the three devices will work with Maxis LTE.

The problem is, the LTE plans available from Maxis at the moment are for data only. So while you can put a Maxis LTE SIM card into an LTE compatible phone and you will be able to access data services, you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls. For this Dioguardi says that Maxis “will be announcing LTE enabled plans to support LTE SmartPhones soon.” And that’s something we’re curious about.

Let’s also look at devices in the horizon that will work here. The soon to be release Sony Xperia V supports 2600MHz. There are also versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9305) and Galaxy Note II (GT-N7105) that support 2600MHz as well, so it’s safe to assume that operators looking to make LTE phones available in Malaysia in the shortest time possible will chose to offer these models. In addition to this, there is a growing list of multi-band LTE smartphones that will be compatible with 2600Mhz and as operators like Maxis and Celcom continue to expand their LTE networks, the selection of LTE devices for you to choose will grow as well.

Got a question about LTE? Let us know and we’ll try our best to answer them.

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32 Comments for Maxis Says LTE Smartphone Plans Coming Soon


And Maxis won't be carrying the Lumia 920 even when it's the most current phone that supports LTE. Any insider news whether they would carry Lumia 920?


maxis should shift they focus ? perhaps to lumia 920 that support LTE pentabands ??????
come on maxis, make your move !!!
come out a lumia 920 plan immediately, and officially launch LTE plan(voice all & data) with lumia 920 🙂
chance is always there, depends on how you use this opportunity xD



You said:

" In addition to this, there is a growing list of multi-band LTE smartphones that will be compatible with 2600Mhz …"

What are the multi-band LTE smartphones on sale now?


    Asus Padfone 2, Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Coming soon will be the Sony Xperia V


Base on the Maxis COO comment, are we saying that all the current Maxis 3G/Internet plan subscriber are unable to use LTE voice and data without switching/upgrade to the Maxis New LTE plan? Even though we are holding 2600Mhz LTE phone?


    Technically it's not necessary but you need to get Maxis to provision your SIM to allow it to connect to their LTE network

Andrew C

Yep, if your phone and where you live at this present moment of time allow you to enjoy Maxis LTE, subsribe to Maxis LTE..then ,from my experience with my iPhone5 in HK, a carrier settings update will pop up on your phone..then just (only can say with an iPhone5) verify your settings…and will notice change in carrier (under "ABout"), then under "Cellular" becomes "enable LTE(from previous enable 3G)". Similarly, one can also note a change in the APN settings-before LTE and after LTE.

I had use iP5 when in HK and also in Australia.
And before iP5 came out, bought a LTE MIFI from a HK celco..and able to hotspot when in Australia too.

The LTE modem,that Maxis is offering at RM400 is relatively very cheap..the LTE dongle sold in HK is
By the way, the Xperia V is already in HK,and bought it..13MP for camera, but in checking only 4.0 OS. Brilliant piece.
The Samsung Note II LTE that is in HK also supports Malaysia's LTE bandwidth chanel of 2600MHz. And also HTC One SV that is sold here in HK.

Come over here la.

Andrew C

oops..missed out " LTE dongle sold in HK is"….paid like HKD2300 with some change..that is around RM920.
There is also a LTE Pocket MiFi- around HKD2500 with some change.


can current s3 user here use malaysia LTE ? or s3 sold here cant support maxis LTE?


    That's why Soyacincau is Android fanboy. They know all Samsung phone in Malaysia cannot support 2600 but they lied to us.


      soya cincau is not android fanboy bro. he just stated that apple new phone and tablet cannot support malaysia LTE frequency. chill bro. you just show the world that u r really an iphone fanboy.

    Andrew C

    nope, current S3 sold in Malaysia, does not have the LTE radio chip. You need the one which is specific SIII LTE. In HK, this sells for HKD5398,and does supports Malaysia's LTE 2.6GHz.


      thx a lot bro for the reply. really appreciate it.


Who cares what device cannot support. Soyacincau try to say all Apple product cannot support 2600. But fail to say Samsung also not support 2600. This is misleading website.

    Andrew C

    To put things in perspective. smartphones and tablets sold by Samsung in Malaysia does not support Malaysia LTE 2.6GHz. BUT Samsung has the Note II, SIII and Tab8.9 which does supports 2.6GHz,which are already selling in HK.

    As mentioned, others are the Nokia Lumia 920 (and Lumia 820), and also Xperia V, HTC One XL,and also HTC One SV- these also supports 2.6GHz.
    Also Samsung SII LTE (I9210) which was released sometime back in Nov.2011 supports 2.6GHz.

    It is a matter of time, when Malaysia's celco brings this in.

    Haters gonna Hate

    Buy Apple product cannot use LTE so blame it on Samsung. Hater gonna hate right?


how about the coverage? can i know how far this LTE coverage can go?

    Andrew C much are our celcos preparing to spend on new cell sites, and how receptive end consumers are to the cost of equipments (viz. smartphones, dongle, MiFi, router) supporting LTE(e.g. Maxis LTE dongle is RM400 when you sign up for any monthly plans from RM88/20GB and above.

    Basically LTE standard addresses the upgrading of 3G UMTS to what will eventually be 4G mobile communications technology.–so it is just a matter of time the whole nation shift to LTE. Like in Japan, when we were still on 2G, a 2G phone will not work in Japan,as their network is on 3G already.

    Tracing back, Samsung Galaxy Indulge (offered by MetroPCS in North America) back on February 10, 2011 was the first commercially available LTE smartphone. This was followed by HTC ThunderBolt offered by Verizon starting on March 17 being the second LTE smartphone to be sold commercially.


You need the Note II LTE(N7105) ,which is not available in Malaysia at this moment.
In HK, this sells for HKD6198.

Also Tab 8.9 LTE(P7320), from Samsung also supports 2.6GHz LTE of Malaysia.


Your sentence don't make sense at all. If nobody cares about what device can or cannot support LTE, then why bother commenting? And you're spreading lies around as well, by accusing others of lying. LOL.


i thought one of the 'breakthrough' features of the iphone 5 was the LTE? or is there a different version that supports it?


    Iphone5 has LTE, just supporting limited bands, which is different from what maxis is offering right now (2600Mhz band), however, hope is not lost if maxis decides to support LTE through 2100MHz (Band 1), 1800MHz (Band 3) and 850MHz (Band 5) using 2G and 3G spectrum refarming.

      Andrew C

      Hopefully. Though not 850MHz,as ours is 900MHz. 850MHz- North America.
      Actually, not really limited bands- iPhone5 supports like 5 LTE bands on their two GSM models (A1429 and A1428). Malaysia is getting the A1429, which only supports LTE Bands 1, 3, and 5.


Apple and Samsung, come come to papa Windows Phone.


u can get that from singapore. some of the dealer here sell it but the price is quite expensive.
im using one bought from gadgetdotcom for 2699.
still waiting for confirm from whoever telco that start lte with voice and data.

    Andrew C

    At RM2699–not bad lah. As in HK,after forex at HKD100 to RM39.58 (this is the best rate that I could get)-it is around RM2454 with some change (converted from HK' s price of HKD6198.


im using sing n7105.
care how to proceed to test lte.

    Andrew C

    you have to get Maxis to provision your SIM,and be in an area where there is LTE coverage at this moment of time from Maxis, or at Celcom Blue Cube at designated location.
    Then you proceed to settings> mobile and wireless


can someone tell me the reason why Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission assigned the telco to provide us with 2600MHz, but most LTE device doesn't support that bandwidth.

what so special about the 2600MHz?


i need big favour… If i buy a samsung galaxy note II(verizon), can i use it in malaysia with maxis's card n data sooo confused…