DiGi Offers Plans for the iPad mini and iPad 4

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If you’ve been holding out on your iPad mini or iPad 4 purchase until operators start offering plans for the two devices then you probably won’t have to wait much longer.

DiGi has just released its service plans for the iPad mini and iPad 4, and that’s pretty much a signal to expect Celcom and Maxis to follow suit in a few more days.

On the skin of it, the DiGi plans do not offer any savings from the retail price of the devices but the yellow telco is offering considerable savings on the accompanying data plans (the plans are tied to contract terms, of course). Across all the iPad data plans on offer, there is no excess charge if you exceed the allocated data limit but download speeds will be throttled down to what we can only assume as excruciatingly slow connection speeds. So if you’re on the cheapest data plan, you might want to be frugal with you connection because surfing on a tablet consumes more data than surfing on a smartphone.

For full details on the DiGi iPad plans, click here.

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4 Comments for DiGi Offers Plans for the iPad mini and iPad 4


nice deal from Digi


digi and maxis have been advertised on national news papers even present time amongs other things selling Galaxy Note 2.But upon enquiry ,they said they have no stock.Why advertise ?


    i jsut checked digi online store there is stock. are you ok?


Just went to Digi outlet and also Online…NO STOCK for 64GB 3G model.