DiGi starts iPhone 5 sales midnight tomorrow at 6 locations

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DiGi iPhone 5 launch sales details

In under 25 hours, the iPhone 5 will be officially available in Malaysia. DiGi has released more details of tomorrow’s launch execution and they will have 6 locations nationwide where you can pick up your iPhone 5 as soon as the clock strikes 12. The 6 venues are:

DiGi 360, SoHo Mont Kiara – Kuala Lumpur
DiGi Center Pulau Tikus – Penang
DiGi Center De Gardens- Ipoh
DiGi Center Plaza Merdeka- Malacca
DiGi Center Api Api – Kota Kinabalu
DiGi Store Express The Spring, Kuching

Numbers will be given out at 9.30PM tomorrow (13th December). For those that pre-order online for pick up at DiGi 360, you can collect their queue numbers at the same time as well.


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16 Comments for DiGi starts iPhone 5 sales midnight tomorrow at 6 locations


any news for maxis, in kuching?


anyone who wait in line at night for gadgets are a fool…..androids or iphone


    i think the queue will be shorter and shorter…when the time iphone6/7 launch, there will be no more need for queuing..xD


      That means after a few years, even fools/idiots can become smarter ! LOL !


      You are right , I won't be surprise if the queue gets shorter every year. Apple through its high margin and pricing of the iphone is surely loosing out to Samsung for the mindshare of more prudent Malaysians.
      Surprisingly I manage to buy the ipad mini on the first day without any queue. Just walked into a store lunch time and bought one to my utter amazement.

    Fair pricing

    Not fools but dumb fools period…! And the joke is they still have a completely working phone, hols out for2week and the price will drop in 2week, imaging the manufacturer holding a 10,000,000 with no taker for a whole 2 week


agreed, but there are so many fools out there Quing all night for something which they can get always get tomorrow sommore have to pay like shit !


that's why they are only open up one outlet in the whole Klang Valley..if the demand is so high, why dont they open up 5-10 stores for midnight launching??


To be honest, I can't understand the queing up this time…. So many countries have used the iphone 5 including Singapore, so now its like 'oh I thought it was out long time ago?', and you're like 'no no, it just came out in Malaysia', then they go 'really meh? why so slow ar?', then you're like ' FUFUFUFUFUFU!'.

True story.

    Fair pricing

    Idiots line up to part cash to billionaires, now you understand the 99% are poor, and just cannot wait to spend what they have, and sad but true


    I can't understand neither abt S3 phenomenon, a may '12 device. Yet 2012 is coming to a close but people still raving abt it..


In any case the days of mad apple polish will soon be over. Androids have ios covered,
from phones to tablets – probably by end 2013 when Nexus will split apple inside out


Is this LTE version or GSM version?

    Andrew C

    It is LTE with GSM capability also. However, as you are aware MCMC award of frequency spectrum is 2600, and this frequency is not supported on iP5..however, it is hope that celcos will do it like S'pore where they are also on 2600,but provide at 1800 which iP5 is compatible..


Thanks andrew


I hv purchase my iPhone 5 from digi.this is my 1st time replacement Seem like the iPhone 5 still got the same issue with the network.? Most of my friend commented cant hear my voice.need to bring back to digi again!