iPhone 5 Celcom First plans with mobile internet revealed

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UPDATE: Celcom iPhone 5 plans are now live on their website. They use a different plan table format from the one above and an advance payment between RM150-RM450 is required during sign up.

Celcom has finally revealed its iPhone 5 plans and offering to those who have registered their interest earlier on. Instead of the usual “i” plans, the iPhone 5 is now bundled on Celcom First plans with bolt on Mobile Internet.

There are 4 options available:

Celcom First Prime + 4.05GB data – RM98/month
Celcom First Prime + 6.05GB data – RM128/month
Celcom First Premier + 6.1GB data – RM168/month
Celcom First Elite + 6.2GB data – RM238/month

All plans come with bundled Calls/SMS/MMS which varies depending on plan option. In terms of iPhone 5 bundling, Celcom offers either 12 months and 24 months contract. You can get one as low as RM278, which is tied with 24 months contract of Celcom First Elite Plan. If you’re wondering what’s with the weird 50MB-100MB data, that’s actually the bundled free data quota from the standalone First voice plans.

There’s no mention of advance upfront payment at the moment and from the table above, they are giving out extra rebates of 10 months (for 12 months contract) and 20 months (for 24 months contract) that ranges makes the monthly subscription between RM73-RM196 depending on plan and phone model.

To secure a unit, Celcom is offering pre-booking at RM200 which is available at their outlets nationwide. The official availability is on the 14th of December where all 3 telcos are offering it simultaneously.

Hat tip all around for everyone who sent this in!

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29 Comments for iPhone 5 Celcom First plans with mobile internet revealed


Only Maxis has contract entension then..


still the commitment of rm98 per month is quite expensive. sad but true. better buy outright la like this


it think right now SC can come out with the comparison table. for my observation maxis plan reign supreme this time.


Check celcom website.they have put up more detail plan with upfront payment detail available. But some has culculation error if im not wrong


    and pretty confusing as well.. LoL


      true…it is confusing me


    I don't see the plan details on their website now. Is it gone?


hi all, if u noticed, the monthly bill is 75 or 73 for the cheapest one. u'll get 4GB data, and 267 minutes of voice calls (total up RM40) none of the plan from maxis or digi can beat that.


Still feel digi is the cheapest if you are a medium data and voice user


    None of the iPhone plans are cheap as compared to Android or wp8 phones. Look at the telco offerings for the Note 2.. Apple still thinks its the top dog in Malaysia? It will be slaughtered by Samsung in a year or two. I'm an Apple enthuiast but ip5 is not worth it unless you are a heavy call user.


      im about to purchase s3 from the crazy maxis promo of "switch to maxis" (im celcom user) though they always out-of-stock. but at the very last minute, i choose ip5 from celcom (paid 200 booking) due to 1 reason….google maps got no navigation. yeah i know u can try brut version but i dont like it. anyway, gmaps is coming to ios as well.


        Huh? I tot iOS 6 map was the one have problem issue?
        By the way,purchase a phone for maps priority it is better get nokia lumia.supreme…


          yeah..lumia I think better in mapping but I just don't like wp overall ecosystem.thus stick to iOS atm


          actually iOS map for Malaysia is not that bad.but finding POI is troublesome.the work around is use gmap on safari to find POI then search exact location on iOS map.consume more time anyway

      Gangnam Style

      it's just two different companies objectives, apple intend to sell it as premium device, samsung thinks the other way.
      Having said that, the plan not exactly cheap with Note 2 as well, if you're talking about the surfmore 75 plan with heavy subsidies, still need to add up for calls and sms and 5G data is overkill for majority phone users.


        Yes, but the flexibility is there for different type of customers. I rarely make calls,just answer them. Use whatsapp most of the time. Maxis should provide a surfmore 50 package for iphone5 too, I expected that and was going to purchase ip5 for that type of contract.
        Now I've put it on hold for Nexus 4(dreaming of a googleplay store price) or Lumia 920(Digi S48 plan). Apple just lost another Malaysian customer. Many of my friends too have switched from iphone 4 to Note 2.

          Gangnam Style

          In fact my situation is more or less like urs, I also hope that they come with surfmore 50. I guess that will need to wait for a while, iPhone should be selling like hot cake for now hence the telco will try to grab as much higher plan when the heat is there.
          The n4 would be my choice if i consider getting an android phone, Ton't put too much hope for a us price tho.


I guess Celcom is the hybrid plan from both Digi and Maxis. Upfront for iPhone still subsidized like Maxis and savings element like Digi there. Something new from Celcom compared their previous plans and other phone offerings

Faiz hakimi

Soyacincau is apple premium resellers are going to sell the the iphone 5 off contrats on 14dec too?

Ahmad Zakwan

I try to do the maths for total cost of ownership:

Celcom (24 months contract, RM98/month+6% x 24 ,rebates)
16GB: RM3791.12
32GB: RM4101.12
64GB: RM4411.12

Digi (24 months contract, RM93/month+6% x24, rebates)
16GB: RM4377.92
32GB: RM4687.92
64GB: RM4997.92

Maxis (24 months contract, RM100/month+6% x 24)
16GB: RM3943
32GB: RM4243
64GB: RM4593

Surprisingly, Digi is the most expensive one to maintain over two years period.
My calculations may be wrong. Please advice. I hope this helps.


Zakwan, true bro, digi paling kedekut bagi sabsidi… but i think differnet monthly payment serve different gb data, sms n call minutes


I prebooked and paid rm200 for 16gb. And only now knowing that they dont sell it without contract? Is it right? Can somebody clarify this? And im supposed to collect the phone tonight at 12am.


    You HAVE to buy the iPhone 5 from Celcom together with their contract plan, you can't buy the phone contract-less. A good tip to remember if if your buying the phone from a telco 90% of the time it's always tied to their plan contracts and not contract-less.

Ahmad Zakwan

I think they don't allowed that this year. Yes, I was nearly put the RM200 deposit for Celcom this year. Last year, I paid RM200 deposit and on Friday morning of the iPhone 4S launch day, I collect my iPhone 4S and the staff allowed me to buy it contract free.


Thanks guys. I managed to get it from the publika 🙂