VIDEO: Samsung ATIV S official hands-on

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Samsung ATIV S

Windows Phone 8 devices are trickling into Malaysia with the recent appearance of the HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920. If you’re looking for something bigger, the yet to be made available Samsung ATIV S could be your cup of tea.

Seen as a WP8 cousin of the Galaxy S III, the ATIV S comes with a mammoth 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display, removable 2,300mAh battery and an option to expand storage via microSD.

Unlike its Galaxy S III relative, the ATIV S comes in a aluminium-like design and finish and comes with a dedicated camera button as well. Compared to the rest, the ATIV S is the thinnest among the Windows Phone 8 offering at only 8.7mm.

While waiting for it to be rolled out, Samsung has released their official hands-on video of the ATIV S highlighting the design, UI, social capabilities as well as camera function.

Head after the break for the hands-on videos.


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8 Comments for VIDEO: Samsung ATIV S official hands-on

apple supporter

Y they name it A-TIV?pronounce like Samsung A Thief .duhhh…..

    Samsung AkTIV fan

    You got that wrong, it is AkTIV, to reflect Samsung's superior energy against Nokia's lame, thick & slow Lumia series


      Why you're hitting Nokia dude? This fellow is an Apple Sheep.


      Samsung AKA Thief.


    actually VITA spell backward


      just realised Vitagen spelled backwards is: negatiV


Soyacincau do Malaysia has an apple store(not a premium resellers)?


@soyacincau, where can i buy Samsung ATIV TAB WINDOW RT IN KL MALAYSIA PLEASE???