DiGi Reveals iPhone 5 Plans, Starts Taking Pre-Orders for December 14 Delivery

Posted:  December 7, 2012   By:    19 comments   

DiGi has made public its iPhone 5 plans and at the same time opened pre-orders for the device. Unlike Maxis where the bulk of the savings to the consumer comes from operator subsidies on the device, DiGi offers the iPhone 5 at a slightly higher “subsidised” price but offer plans at a lower rate.

In addition to pre-ordering online, you can also pre-order the iPhone 5 at any DiGi Store. DiGi offers free delivery for the iPhone 5 pre-booked on its online store but you can also opt for self-collection at the DiGi 360 store at SoHoKL at Solaris Mont Kiara, KL. Self-collection can be made from midnight December 14. For full details on the DiGi iPhone 5 plans click here.

We’ll be crunching the numbers from to give you a comprehensive comparison of all the iPhone 5 plans on offer in Malaysia, stay tuned.

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19 Comments for DiGi Reveals iPhone 5 Plans, Starts Taking Pre-Orders for December 14 Delivery


Well done DiGi, you guys are so much faster and better than Maxis and Celcom. Giving us consumers better service with pre-ordering.


Celcom updated but no actual price. Just pay RM 200 booking?
Scary rite? Don't tell me need to login/register to see pricing? Sienz.


yea celcom doesnt even tell you the price. tha'ts not pre order it's booking. they got the concept wrong

i5 lover

if i pre-order i5 at digi outlet store,when could i receive the phone?


For once Maxis is cheaper than Digi. I doubt anyone will take Digi given the offer that they have right now.

Andrew C

Still a sad day, its tomorrow network cannot be experienced on iP5.
if say on their i88- offer 2GB,
cost of ownership 3799 vs.3452
Our neighbour,as M1, Starhub,Singtel are on 2.3GHz,and also in HK,and in Australia(Oceania) are enjoying LTE speeds on their iP5.

    Khairul Adam Osborne

    Actually M1, StarHub and SingTel runs LTE on the 1.8GHz spectrum, with 2.6GHz on the side. Likely, we'll follow them in that area as well. Certain European carriers also run LTE on the 2.6GHz band. Granted, that the current 2.6GHz band doesn't work with the new iPhone, but there are rumors that the 1.8GHz band (which is supported by the iPhone 5) will launch alongside the 2.6 GHz band.


      Hmm..in Bolehland…rumours taken with a pinch of salt.


I've crunched the numbers for you, see if you find the comparison table is useful. Right now I am only able to compare the plans offered by Maxis and DiGi, stil waiting for Celcom to come out with their plans.
Link: http://www.danliew.com/2012/12/maxis-and-digi-iph…

    Andrew C

    Thanks Daniel..we are on right track of mind.
    Very useful indeed.
    Guess you beat @Soyacincau to it..I was also looking for to @Soyacincau always great comparative tables.


    though Daniel ..may want to review..could be fingers very quick: 60*24 + 2012 = 1440 + 2012 = 3452, and not 3412.
    of course, for the first six months.. with digi, it will be 55*6 +60*18 = 2012 , that equals 330+1080+2012= 3422.


      Thanks for pointing out the error Andrew. Of course one get to enjoy the RM5/monthly rebate for the first six month with DiGi, which I excluded it in the comparison. Nice knowing you too Mr. Engineer!


    BTW, enjoying your blogs too..like your trip to Geelong and Ballarat(found any gold?). I guess we engineers just love numbers ah.
    Though..you write better as en engineer lor.
    Nice "discovering" you.


Hmmm,one quick question. I'm a prepaid user,If I convert to postpaid right now,do I need to sign up for a plan first? @Soyacincau


    @sumone…yep, as Digi is not ,at this moment selling it outright..they want to bind you to a 24months contract.

    So you have to evaluate, based on your present prepaid pattern, will you be benefiting on their i88 (RM60/month).

    So, let take 16GB, on i88, where Digi is subsidising phone by RM187..that means it is RM7.7917/month..so will converting to their (say) i88 (RM60/mth) have an impact ..increased expenses on your monthly budget…only you will be the best judge. or if you take their postpaid smart plan..that is RM48/month..which now is 1GB + 1GB data quota..you need to ask will you be using more than or less than RM12 for calls/SMS if you were to take up their i88.

    Andrew C

    And whilst you are still on their 24mths contact, am not surprise iPhone5S makes an appearance..or Samsung comes with its unbreakable (though am sure not unblendable) display in the likes of Galaxy SIV.

Ahmad Zakwan

I try to do the maths for total cost of ownership:

Celcom (24 months contract, RM98/month+6% x 24 ,rebates)
16GB: RM3791.12
32GB: RM4101.12
64GB: RM4411.12

Digi (24 months contract, RM93/month+6% x24, rebates)
16GB: RM4377.92
32GB: RM4687.92
64GB: RM4997.92

Maxis (24 months contract, RM100/month+6% x 24)
16GB: RM3943
32GB: RM4243
64GB: RM4593

Surprisingly, Digi is the most expensive one to maintain over two years period.
My calculations may be wrong. Please advice. I hope this helps.