Apple Online Store Malaysia offers iPad mini & 4th gen iPad

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iPad mini Apple Online Store

Before the iPhone 5 hits Malaysia next Friday, Apple has made a surprise unannounced move by making the iPad mini & 4th generation iPad with Retina Display (aka iPad 4) available today. It took Apple just 45 days from its official announcement to reach Malaysia.

If you don’t like queuing up at the local retailers today, you can also place an order on the Apple Online Store and have it shipped direct to you. The iPad mini is priced from RM999 for the 16GB WiFi only version and has an estimated shipping time of 2 weeks. Meanwhile the 9.7″ 4th gen iPad remains unchanged with its starting price of RM1,499 but it ships faster in just 1-3 working days.

Full pricing as follows:

iPad mini
16GB WiFi – RM999
32GB WiFi – RM1,299
64GB WiFi – RM1,599

16GB WiFi + Cellular – RM1,399
32GB WiFi + Cellular – RM1,699
64GB WiFi + Cellular – RM1,999

iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4)
16GB WiFi – RM1,499
32GB WiFi – RM1,799
64GB WiFi – RM2,099

16GB WiFi + Cellular – RM1,899
32GB WiFi + Cellular – RM2,199
64GB WiFi + Cellular – RM2,499

The full sized iPad in its 4th generation offers little difference externally. Apart from using the latest lightning connector, the iPad 4 comes with performance bump with its new A6X chip and a higher 1.2MP camera in the front that offers HD Facetime. For clearer comparison, do check out our post here.

To place your order, head over to the Apple Online Store.

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19 Comments for Apple Online Store Malaysia offers iPad mini & 4th gen iPad


Haha what a surprise, suddenly start selling without any announcement and cheaper than Thailand and SG price..

    Andrew C

    and also HK's pricing.


This is one of best price in Asia or should i say around the world!


I knew it would be priced at RM999 😀


    bro, nexus 4 agak2 berapa harga?


999 price is competitive but i think nexus 7 32g 3g is the most value for money and a better buy at Rm1099. if ipad mini 32g 3g, the price is 1699, thats a huge 600 ringgit different. can go holiday bali with that sums of money.

    apple supporter

    Ifags will buy no matter what pricing.u cant stop them by watever theory or reason


    That's when you haven't touched it.

    The built quality is totally different. I own use both Mini and Nexus 7, and really think that the Mini is way better in terms of experience.

    It's just different, plastic vs metal.

    Andrew C

    well, to each its want a Apple on your palm or a LG


    bro ipad mini has LTE 4g


both are different ecosystem.. why always wanna compare the price. apple didnt force u to buy also what, idiot. the nexus tablet app ecosystem really sucks than ipad apps. u bunch of idiots are like google ads.. this post if meant for those apple wannabe. no need to post orange in an apple advertisement..


The Nexus 7 may be better value for money, but I would still choose a 32GB iPad mini for the apps and customer service and support. There simply aren't enough apps optimized for the Nexus 7, and there are plenty pissed off customers complaining about Google's subpar customer service.


    I hope you can try to own a N7 to check it out


      Believe me, I would like to, that price is very attractive and I admit that Android has far surpassed iOS in many ways, but the lack of support and accessories concern me. Unlike Apple products, which I know can be sent to any Apple store for support, I can't be sure about the Nexus 7, since Google has no brick and mortar stores anywhere.

Andrew C

Cool bros and sisters….to each its own. whether it is value for money….well, it is still YOUR money,and one decide how one wants to exchange it for your financial well being.
Just a side thought..Android Attack did a drop test on iPad Mini and Nexus on a HK seafacing promenade and I was there..mind made up.


Is our Ipad Mini 3G or 4G?

Jenny Wu

I got a iPhone 4 from my relative in Australia and it's lock. Can u unlock my phone and please tell me who to contact and I m from Johor Bahru. Please help to unlock the phone, than k you