iPhone 5 officially available in Malaysia on 14th December

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iPhone 5 Malaysia Launch

UPDATE: Maxis, Celcom & DiGi reveals iPhone 5 contract bundling.
UPDATE 2: iPhone 5 plans compared.

The wait is finally over. Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 5 is coming to more countries this month with Malaysian release next Friday, 14th December. South Korea will be getting it first this coming Friday 7th December while the other countries including Malaysia, Philippines, China and Taiwan having it a week later.

In terms of pricing, there shouldn’t be any difference from the iPhone 4S when it was first launched in Malaysia, starting from RM2,199 for the 16GB version. Telco bundling is expected from the big 3 telcos and registration of interest should start anytime soon. For those that prefer to buy one without contract, we are expecting the Apple Store to sell the iPhone 5 unlocked without contract.

Thanks @ihelpboard for the tip!


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44 Comments for iPhone 5 officially available in Malaysia on 14th December






seen it and touched it in Hong Kong. quite some people bought the iPhone 5 overseas edi anyway


haha i rather line up for it in malaysia then buy from other countries 😉


how about ipad4 and ipad mini???


Malaysia got apple store?


over rated phone.


    Tell me you are a BB user, boo!


    That would be Samsung.


Yes!after a long time waiting..


Shame on Soya Cincau for copy direct from Borneo Post.


any idea about ipad mini?


    Pre order for iPad mini is available in some online store, no sure AP or Ori though.


      already hav AP in lowyat…


        What's the different?

        Sory, i'm a noob. haha




Machine Shop.


If this is 2010, then iphone 5 is a very good buy but today is 2012 coming 2013 !
The smallish iphone 5 is a joke, as the Galaxy S3, Note 2 or HTC One X are far far superior.

Don't waste anymore of your money and make apple even more filthy richer


I'm really looking for the next big thing from Apple.

They really change the way people communicate right from the first iPhone. iPhone 5 definitely introduces a lot of new features like bigger screen, better resolution, good built quality and the revolutionary Apple notification system and cloud services.

Can't wait for it to release… Android definitely have some catch-up to do.


    did u just come out from the cave?


    dude..seriouslly? katak bwah tempurung z.z


Ding! Ding!…Here comes the Apple and android fanboys!
How much does Samsung or Apple pay you to promote their products?


iphone 5 would make Steve Jobs rised from his grave. Tim Cook shouldn't allow 4". It feels funny to hold the iphone 5 compared with the 4s. Steve Jobs is right after all..


The 4" screen is tolerable if they use the extra real estate to do something with it. Right now its just an extra row of icons. While I appreciate the (still)"one hand" friendliness of the iphone5 , it does indeed look like a chocolate bar. Apple could have tried harder to fit a 4 inch screen on the 4S form factor. For example if they were willing to throw away the home button and use more of swiping which is very natural.(Look at N9/Harmattan) . Most people I know use the silly "on screen" home button anyway for fear of wearing out the physical button..

Anyway lets see what Johnny Ives can come up one iphone 6 and IOS8.


    exactly. this would be so much better. why exactly must the upper and lower bezel length be maintained. apple somehow reminds me of Nokia before their big fall…don't change anything excessively which isn't broken.


I have iphone 5,and oso s3.both is ok,feel satisfy for the usage.not which supreme or better.
There is not need to argue which r better.those keep challenging each other i can say is idiot for worshipping the phone as god in their life.


Add one more row……spend more than RM2K. Think of latest most innovative proudct , Lumia 920.


Celcom also open ROI at Celcom website


Finally iPhone 5 come to Malaysia. But I have seen some already started use it.


Finally … I wish we would be able to be on the first batch for the next iPhone release. Even Singapore is on it!


Any idea when the iPhone 5 will be available on the Apple Store?

YR Lim

Where can i get an iPhone 5 without any shit contract in this weekend?


    dammit. why wont apple or maxis release it nex year. just bought mine last 2 weeks :’( (london regent street)/


      because fuck u…