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Maxis to offer unlimited mobile internet usage with no excess charge for 1GB and above plans

Good news for Maxis postpaid subscribers with mobile internet plans. Beginning 3rd December 2012, there will be no excess charges if you use beyond your monthly internet quota. Currently subscribers are charged at a Pay As You Go rate of 30 sen per MB once you have hit your limit. This would be a good relief for those wanting to avoid bill shocks but obviously your downloads will be throttled down to lower speeds. To regain your speed, you can top up additional data quota by dialing *100*7*1# (daily) or *136*9# (monthly).

Do take note however that this is only applicable for those having 1GB plans and above. So if you’re on a smaller monthly data plan, the same old 30sen/MB excess charge still applies.

Thanks @maxcool3r for the alert!