Original Samsung Galaxy Note to get Jelly Bean update

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Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean

Owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Note are not being left behind as Samsung is purported working on a Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the device as well. The new firmware has been leaked with screenshots of the Note running on Jelly Bean with the nature inspired TouchWiz.

Apparently the new update will also bring a host of Galaxy Note II features such as Multi-View and even Air-View. Obviously we would expect some shortcomings as the original Note’s S-Pen is a notch down compared with the new S-Pen on the Note II. With half the amount of RAM (Note: 1GB, Note II: 2GB), performance might take a hit with the new features running. No roll out dates we’re mentioned but this is certainly good news for Galaxy Note users.

Head after the break for a video of a Galaxy Note running on the Jelly Bean firmware.

Watch the multi-view in action at the 9:30 minute mark.

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21 Comments for Original Samsung Galaxy Note to get Jelly Bean update

u no

this not offical


@SoyaCincau So if we update a galaxy note to this it will get the exact same UI as GS3 and GN2? If it does then I'll get this instead of a Gn2.


    Almost similar, just lacking in a few features like AirView.

    Already using it for three days, extremely smooth and really makes my 8 month old Note feel like a totally new phone.


      Bro, I'm using Galaxy Note too. How to update?


tick tock..waiting


Updated, have to wipe all data. So make sure you backup before install this firmware… nice UI but still got a lot of bugs… no multi-view for this version…


    are you sure?!

      u no

      do back up first..
      no wipe..don't worry..
      n don't reset ur all data..


        i mean the firmware laa…not the data wiping thing…=.=
        he said he updated, and i ask him sure or not…>.<'''


          Things i have noticed so far after Installation…
          1. Clean installation (wipe your all data except gallery & video)
          2. Screen more responsive and quick
          3. No Air view (you can activate by airview fix)
          4. No Svoice
          5. Auto capital letter error in message
          6. No root (use philz root method for rooting)
          7. Battery not so good
          8. Performance is good
          9. Rest is same as RR rom
          10. Not compatible with hydracore & Chainfire 3D


          UI but still got a lot of bugs coz this's not official..


          amokio i think u not understand..
          how long u using android


          walao…dont teach me a lesson here lerr…
          i tot Tee updated his phone with official release firmware/rom, thats y i ask him sure onot?! xD
          apparently he use manual root in the 4.1.X into his phone..
          i know about clean installation and all that laaa..>.<''
          Tee shud mention that he use root method, i tot he is the 1st official firmware update among us in malaysia…


is it available to update now?

    u no

    official around 1-3 weeks..
    just waiting..


When is the OTA jelly bean update going to release for Galaxy Note GT N7000??


Dear Soyacincau

Can this Jelly bean up date applicable to samsung note AP unit?


Still wait n wait……


January is gone… Where jelly bean!!!!!!


Initialy they said Note1 will get the J.Bean update by end of 2012.
Now, we are at Feb 2013.
Samsung need to improve their attitude.
Dont always look for money.
Please look at customer satisfiction!


I think HTC is much more better.
My fren bought HTC Increadible, that time was Froyo.
later, he get g.bread, then after that he also get ICS.
HTC users get many updates and very fast and stable.