Samsung Galaxy S III Users in Malaysia Can Now Upgrade to Android Jelly Bean

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UPDATE: Multi View is only available with 4.1.2 update and it is not applicable with the currently rolled out 4.1.1 version.

It’s been a long wait but that doesn’t matter because not its finally here. Yes, we’re talking about the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III and it is now available for Malaysian users, four months after Google officially Announced the latest Android OS in July of this year.

How can you get the update? There are two ways, one is via over-the-air or OTA. To the Jelly Bean update using this method, just go into Settings > About Phone > System Updates and check for update. If via this method the device tells you that your OS is up to date, then try Kies. Kies is something like Samsung’s version of iTunes. It is a software that helps you manage the contents of your Samsung device using your computer. You will need to download and install Kies into your computer first before you can proceed to update you Galaxy S III using this method. Here’s the link to download Kies.

Updating the Galaxy S III via Kies is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software into your computer, just connect your phone to your computer via USB and just follow the on screen instructions.

So what can you look forward to with Jelly Bean running on your Galaxy S III? For starters, you can expect smoother and faster performance with Project Butter. Also, there’s the Multi View feature first seen on the Galaxy Note II, that will be available on the Galaxy S III with Jelly Bean too (for version 4.1.2, not in version 4.1.1).

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Check out the demo video about Multi View on the Galaxy S III after the jump.

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44 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S III Users in Malaysia Can Now Upgrade to Android Jelly Bean


Huhuhu…no JellyBean for my Note…T,T


Congrazt to S3 user…but when the SG Note N7000 Jelly Bean ( Android 4.1) comes out then? Waiting more longer than the S3…at least S3 had few update previously few month ago…but S2 and Note don't had any news at all….pls take note…thanks


    I read somewhere that Note N7000 will get jellybean around november or december. But if you can't wait, you can search for leaked official jb rom. It is very buggy though.

    u no

    s2 this nov for europe n note maybe late(after s2 get official)


are u sure about d multiview? from what i read, i dont think it is in this 4.1.1 update. IF it is already available, can somebody shed some lights on how to activate it? thanks


I successfully update my s3 to jellybean 4.1.1 (official), malaysia. No multiview.

    u no

    multiview end of december


Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S3. After update to 4.1.1, try go settings, application manager, wait for a few seconds or swipe from right to left, "SETTINGS STOP WORKING". This is normal for Samsung and don't worry about it.


    it always happen, or just happen once? Need to reset or just press home button will recover?


      it happens all the time.

    s3 killed iphone...

    Please factory reset… upgrading 4.0 to 4.1 is not good, some old setting on 4.0 will do trouble to 4.1… so factory reset is the medicine… huhuhuh

    u no

    no this not always ur hp got prob..


On my way to Jelly Bean,^^


OTA attempts kept giving me error. Guess the servers are busy. But using Kies got me the upgrade downloading 🙂


    I tested OTA and it said try again later… bla bla!! lazy to install kies to laptop, will try again the OTA at off peak hour…


Neat keyboard. Faster zoom in and out of browser. 🙂 still exploring other things though.


I feel that something wrong after update. Software not stable yet. No vibration function on incoming msg! And the driving mode been removed!


    close & restart phone again.




after update to 4.1.1 jellybean, pls try go to settings, application manager.


I dont hv any problem with application manager. No 'stop working'. I'm having fun with google now. Pretty neat with malay language. Managed to correctly pickup soyacincau 1st few times i search. But then result showed 'kuih cucur'. Lol. Owh n not much problem with my malaysian english. Yet :p


    are u update using kies or ota(over the air)?


Just for your knowledge. If you don't wish to root, please make backup for your game data before upgrade.
Jelly Bean change the read/write permission. Usually I can backup/restore game records (eg. Angry Birds Space) in ICS without problem, but not in JB.
Some apps still appear possible to read/write in JB (using ADB). To gain back full control, you need to root.


Hi, I'm using Samsung Kies and why is it that when downloading firmware upgrade components, it is stuck at 72% ? Is there something that I could have miss out ?

    u no

    ur network got prob


Why is it that it takes so long to download firmware upgrade components using samsung kies? Mine is stuck at 72%… Why??? Should I cancel it n redo?

    Amir Hamzah

    I was stuck at 99% when upgrading using Kies. I cancel it, disable my antivirus, redo & done. Give it a try.


I stilled can't get multi view after install jbean… pls help!


    there is no multi-view.


cynogenmod9 much root and try it..not bad…my note shout like zonda..

Han Chien

When I click software update… It write acess to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later….. Help me plz


I have 3 questions.

1. Do I need to take backup before updating to Jelly Bean?

2. Yesterday night I tried to update using WiFi, but it was not updated and given me a message (don’t remember what was that)

3. Any idea when Samsung officially releasing Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?


    New SIII

    I’m also getting this message “It write acess to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    Please help.

    u no

    u can check update firmware manually

      New SIII

      Finally updated thru Samsung Kies firmware manuallly without data backup. It took more than half of an hour to complete the process. It is working fine so far. Still exploring.

      New SIII

      Finally updated thru Samsung Kies firmware manuallly without data backup. It took more than half of an hour to complete the process. It is working fine so far. Still exploring.

      Any idea, when Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is getting official JB update?


My battery drain like hell after upgraded to JB. I suspect the culprit is google-now.

wrong move

Tried OTA but it says: "Access…bla bla..Try later"
Then I tried Kies and successful get updated.
My S3 jz arrived from lazada today after I ordered on Sunday…come to think of it, I a bit regret of updating it without even trying the old firmware.
Now all the nexus come out…I lagi feel that I shld hv waited first. RM1699 made me blind, haha.


hey I'm using Samsung Galaxy S3 AP version and I still cant upgrade my android to jelly bean. Is there any issue with AP version?


After updaing my S3 via KIES, i notice, the WIFI is not working properly, it cannot detect ad-hoc Access Point, and the internet connection drops sometimes although it is still connected to the wifi


its been removed ..


hi anyone know how to change the project butter after upgraded version from ics to jelly bean?