Maxis revamps Wireless Broadband packages

Maxis new wireless broadband

Maxis today has unveiled its revamped Wireless broadband packages with increased quota, more choices of devices and uncapped download speeds up to 42Mbps. Compared to its previous offering, the new Maxis wireless broadband comes with split data quota divided by peak times and off peak times. The off-peak times often take the bulk of the data quota which is limited to 2AM to 8AM in the morning.

While this seems to be an unfair deal, looking at the cost per GB for on-peak times of 8AM to 2AM doesn’t seem that bad after all. Starting with RM48/month plan for 1.5GB on-peak is equivalent to its previous offering but it comes with an extra quota for off peak hours. Moving up to the highest plan of RM158/month (RM148/month for Maxis subscribers), you’ll get 12GB for on-peak and a staggering 36GB for off peak which gives a massive 48GB in total. In other words, looking at on-peak itself, the subscription rates are pretty on-par to its previous offering but with an added extra bonus quota to download larger files during off-peak hours. To utilise this, we reckon you would need to schedule your downloads while you’re asleep.

In terms of devices, you do get them for free if you sign up with a 12 months contract. The lowest RM48/month plan gets you a 7.2Mbps USB modem. The higher plan gives you a choice of devices including a PortaWiFi USB stick Mifi device, a 21Mbps MiFi or a 42Mbps USB modem worth RM350 each. Full details of their modems are available here. On top of that, Maxis is offering free 5GB cloud storage with its Loker service. Higher plans from 8GB and above gets Free Maxis WiFi subscription while the highest 2 plans get free unlimited Facebook access that won’t be counted in your quota.

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For the device bundling, an activation fee of RM150 is required upfront with a monthly rebate of RM10 for 5 months. If you already have your own device and just need a SIM, a RM100 advance payment is needed but Maxis will rebate RM10 each month for 12 months.

Quota top up has been revamped as well starting from RM8 to RM30. Just like the base broadband plan, it also split by on-peak and off-peak hours. If you don’t top up after exceeding the quota, there’s no excess charge but download speeds will be throttled down to 64kbps (3GB & 8GB plan) or 128kbps (20GB, 28GB & 48GB).

For more information, head over to Maxis Wireless Broadband page.