Samsung based Nexus 10 tablet leaked ahead of launch

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Nexus 10

On October 29th, Google is expected to introduce a couple of new devices which include the overexposed LG based Nexus 4, 32GB version of the Nexus 7 and a larger 10″ Nexus tablet device. The Nexus 10 device is manufactured by Samsung and it is rumoured to be powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 5250 Cortex A15 based dual-core processor at 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM.

In terms of display, the 10 incher is said to be pushing massive 2560×1600 pixels resolution. That’s 299 ppi (pixels per inch), which is the highest pixel density display for a tablet. As comparison, the iPad with Retina display pushes 2048×1536 pixels which gives 264ppi in a 9.7″ screen.

Other rumoured details include cameras for both front and back, 16GB on-board storage, micro-USB, micro-HDMI, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and front facing dual-speakers. Just like the Nexus 4, there’s no microSD slot and it will be running on Android 4.2.

Somehow the Google Nexus naming convention is mimicking Samsung with a mixture of device generation and screen size references, which we are not a fan of. The Nexus 4 denotes 4th iteration of Nexus smart phones while the 7 & 10 denotes screen size. This would be rather confusing for consumers.

Head after the break for more images including a leaked manual.

More images at the source link.


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7 Comments for Samsung based Nexus 10 tablet leaked ahead of launch


does it mean Android officially supporting HDMI output?


    This not first time android tablet has hdmi


hi can compare with galaxy note 10.1 – comparision table – but it is stupid not to have microsd as people have many devices and sdcard is the one of the easiest way to use same content over many devices


    Google mah… Nexus S, galaxy nexus, nexus 7 all don't have microsd.


    use the cloud service


look like very heavy


Nexus S, galaxy nexus, nexus 7 all don't have microsd.