Samsung Galaxy Note II Contract Pricing compared |

Samsung Galaxy Note II Contract Pricing compared

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Samsung Galaxy Note2 Maxis DiGi Celcom Malaysia

UPDATE: Included Galaxy Note II bundling on Maxis new SurfMore Plan with 12/24 months contract.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II officially goes on sale in Malaysia today with the big 3 telcos – DiGi, Celcom and Maxis offering contract bundle plans for the device. Retailing at RM2,299, the 5.5″ Android phone-tablet with quad-core 1.6GHz processor is also available without contract at Samsung Elite Partners and there’s also a roadshow happening at MidValley from today until Sunday.

For most people, getting outright can be blow to your wallet. If you’re already using or thinking of getting a postpaid plan with data, having a contracted plan with a telco makes more sense with subsidised Galaxy Note II pricing. We have compared the plans and pricing from all 3 telcos in Malaysia to find out the total minimum cost of owning a Galaxy Note II.

Head after the break for the full comparison.

First of all, the comparison made is based on the minimum cost of ownership possible. This is assuming you don’t exceed the minimum monthly commitment or incur access charges. In real life scenario, this might vary especially for DiGi’s Smart Plan where you’re only paying for data, while calls and SMS are charged separately. For Maxis, Value Postpaid plan bundling, we have taken the lowest Value Plus plan which is RM30/month for comparison sake.

In terms of contract duration, all 3 telcos offer 12 months contract while only Maxis and DiGi offer the longest 24 months option. Celcom in the other hand has a middle ground option of 18 months, which is their longest contract duration available. Click on the tables below for larger size.

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12 Months

18 Months

24 Months

For DiGi, there’s extra monthly rebate savings for those that opt for auto-billing but we have omitted it as not all might choose this payment option. On Maxis, it is worth pointing out that Maxis One Club members will get to enjoy free advance payment waiver for all TalkMore 78 and Value Postpaid plans.

When deciding which plan is for you, the minimum ownership cost is just for a baseline reference. You would need to think about your current call, SMS and data usage pattern to find out which plan is suited for your need. There’s also network coverage and service quality to consider as well. Since you’re committing to a contract, it is best to stay with a telco that has optimal service at your area as cancelling a contract halfway would attract unnecessary penalty charges.

As always, if there’s any error do alert us in the comments section below. If you have any questions on the Galaxy Note II, you can drop them in our Questions Answered post or tweet to us at @soya_cincau.

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45 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note II Contract Pricing compared


what is subscription cost? how come it's not written in their respective websites? I couldnt find any info about this


    it's your monthly commitment X number of months.
    For eg. Rm78 X 18 mths = RM1404


Daniel, Total subcription cost = monthly commitment x number of contract months


Why is the advance payment for all maxis 1gb plan is only rm250? Shouldn't it differ by contract period?

Extract from Maxis.

Please be informed that effective 10 August 2012, advance payment for all smartphones (except iPhone) will be as follows.
This is applicable for postpaid customers who have been with us for less than 1 year. Amounted will be credited into your monthly payment bill over a 5-month period.
12-month data contract: RM 50 x 5 months = RM 250
18-month data contract: RM 100 x 5 months = RM 500
24-month data contract:For devices with RRP below RM 500: RM 100 x 5 months = RM 500
For devices with RRP above RM 500: RM 200 x 5 months = RM 1000


    Yes you are right. All 24 months requires RM1,000 upfront. We've updated the 24 months table.

    Thanks for alerting!


what is bundle call/sms?? for example on 12 month contract for all telcos. Digi dont provide the bundle call/sms well others have..Does it means that i only hv to pay RM48/month for what about the call/sms??.

    samsung fever

    tat mean the RM48 is only for data plan….not included d call n sms….


    call/sms is PAYU (rate at 0.15/min & 0.10/sms) which means you only pay what you call/sms for.


nice comparison, this website also did one similar to urs…

good to know got so many sites looking out for us against the telcos trying to cheat us


    The site got dam lots of useful info.. thanks for the link, actually i was looking for a S3 which they actually have also!


      So fake. Try harder.


    clearly that author don't know how to do simple calculation. for example, celcom-12 month contract: 200min voice + 300sms x RM0.15 = RM75 + RM38 data => RM113!! not RM78 as stated!


      The minimum commitment is not fixed by minutes and SMS but by a amount which is flexible for you to use. Example for Celcom First Prime, the minimum commitment is RM40. So if you spend RM40 or less, you are only billed RM40, not RM75. Hope this clarifies.


        yes, i know. but on that author example, he use 300min voice and 200 sms which is translated to RM75 usage value for celcom first prime package. there is no way for celcom to charge only RM40 for that usage. that's why i said his calculation is wrong.


          I think SC thinks you're talking about this page. Man is actually talking about the cheap promotion savemoney site.


Maxis value first + 3GB got bundle call+sms????

    Under feature benefit, it stated:
    RM30 talk time rebate is given each month—not including Value Extra™ and roaming charges.


      Is it mean that , RM30 of the commitment fee will be rebate for the call and sms that i have made??

      For example , if i choose maxis value first + 3 GB = RM 98, if i make call + sms below RM 30 , mean that i only need to pay RM 98 for the month?


lol d author not dunno how to calculate but juz advertise d cheapest plan n price for phone. in fact that the cheapest price for d phone is matched with most expensive plan d ==


    You really think they will offer cheapest price with cheapest plan? Keep dreaming.


    The calculation for comparison is based on the minimum commitment for each plan. How much of subsidy the device get depends contract period and monthly commitment.

    Obviously the higher the spend, the more cheaper the Note II will be. If you make more calls, it makes more sense to go for higher plan.


SC, for maxis plan do they have FOC 50GB Maxis Locker for Note 2? just curious..thanks


    Good point. It doesn't seem to come with it. Currently the Galaxy S III comes with 25GB free cloud storage space.


      Oh 25gb sorry my bad. Got mixed up with dropbox's 50gb free for 2 years. Guess tats the only free cloud storage for this phone. Any news bout S CLOUD?

      Thanks for the feedback, SC:)


This is stated clearly inside Celcom website..rm40 celcom first prime and rm38 1GB data plan..


    then either you never been with celcom before or you don't know what the monthly commitment is. you are saying that even though your voice and sms usage is RM75, you just need to pay celcom RM40?! wahaha…


Hi SC,
Does the malaysia note 2 come with LTE support?



    Nope. We are getting HSPA+ model


i think there is mismatch of information. if the customer opt for purchase by lump-sum cash or credit card payment, they don't have to pay the subscription cost…. unless… if the customers would like to do payment by installment basis… then subscription cost will include upon purchase…


    The total minimum ownership cost is how much you would pay in the long run, not how much you are paying during sign up. During sign up, you would only pay for device and advance payment which may include 1 month subscription fee in advance.


to admin,

wish u could share some of the info on the charges after the quota is exceeded. usually celcom only throttle down your internet speed when we exceed the quota. how bout for note 2?

do u have that info for celcom, maxis and digi? thanks! 🙂


    just check with Digi & Celcom..

    for Digi Smart Plan 48 after quota (1GB) no throttle (internet will block), but SP 68 & 88 should be throttle (but can't remember how much)..

    same goes to Celcom First Prime (Internet Basic – 1GB) no throttle (internet will block) .
    By the way there's advantage if u r in Penang bcoz 8sen to all call in M'sia.


just get the phone without contract. telco services quality changes all the time, and subscription is getting cheaper by the months. if u sign contract, u r stuck with expansive rates and not to mention the quality of your telco deteriorates…pay a bit more to enjoy the freedom…if really budget issue, then get a phone that's within your budget…expansive stuff is nice to have but it's a trap for financial pressure if u r not ready…my 2 cents…


i also just bought the NOTE 2… today 20/10/2012… w/o contract… RM2250


    Wer? Whch outlet?


    just go mine just now with contract RM2148 with Celcom.. 12months

    my home only can get Celcom reception..


So if connection is not an issue, which telco offer the best plan? I am having a headache reading all these as this is my first time trying to purchase a smartphone and obviously first time user of data+call plan.. 🙂


    Me also 1st user to use such contract with telco.. I'm a heavy user of SMS, and best connection within my area of living and work is celcom, so Celcom is my 1st consideration.
    Celcom package has similar total cost compare to Maxis, with advantage of 50MB free additional data, so it's definitely my choice over maxis..
    Gud luck in choosing yours..

      Ke Li Christopher

      dear cherry.. may i know wat plan u r using right now? all along im using digi but after i moved to suburb area theres no 3g or edge coverage so im considering to switch it to maxis or celcom.. but their plan seems so complicated i dun understand which one to choose.. im maxis broadband user too and im very satisfied w their network coverage and speed.. to celcom, i dun familiar at all.. can u give some advise? =) thks

Kamala Dewi

Singapore get Note 2 LTE


Hi SC, thanx for all ur great work…u guys are awesome.

well just wondering if note 2 comes with the 50G dropbox. Thought i read it somewhere. and how about the multitasking app…is it available any time soon?


WHAT HAPPEN IF data usage exceed limit given for maxis???
pay per use or blocked???


So which one is better?


    Digi is the best so far.. =) cox i chose Digi =)


How can I got for this maxis smartphone for monthly payment?