Galaxy Note II Available from Samsung Elite Partners on October 19

Posted:  October 16, 2012   By:    6 comments   

Just a short note, we’ve received confirmation that the Galaxy Note II will be available from all Samsung Elite Partners (SEP) from Friday October 19. So if you’ve been planning to purchase the Note II sans contract on launch day, you can do so through SEPs.

In the meantime, we answer all the questions you have about the Galaxy Note II here.

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6 Comments for Galaxy Note II Available from Samsung Elite Partners on October 19


spent 2K++ for non-LTE galaxy Notes 2 (supposed to be LTE phone)? Samsung try to cheat Malaysian again?


    What are you talking about. Samsung never promise LTE model. No point having it here. When LTE is out this phone already old model.


    spending 2k++ for a retarted+useless siri iphone4S in msia? Apple trying to cheat ifag again with iphone5 slightly taller?


      whatever, as u like, after few months for sure a lot of of users will regret…


        Yes,they will regret to get iphone5 n not taking note 2.


          I am Samsung user , Did I said I intended to switch to iPhone 5? do you have reading problem? I just concern our consumer right, please…!! why oversea having a higher specification and we all malaysian have to happy with the sub-standard specification?


While waiting for note 2 LTE, indulging with Nexus 7. What a nice stop gap.