Celcom upgrades network to support LTE with service interruptions expected

Posted:  October 15, 2012   By:    25 comments   

Celcom 4G LTE Upgrade

With telcos gearing up for 4G LTE in 2013, Celcom has has announced that they will upgrading their network across Malaysia to be LTE ready. Just like DiGi, customers may experience service interruptions but Celcom strives to minimise downtime as short as possible.

According to their announcement, the service interruptions will only happen a few hours a day for each area. This affects voice calls, mobile internet and reloading/transferring of credit. Celcom has posted a full list of areas which they are upgrading from today until February 2013 and it is interesting to point out that no upgrading works will be performed during festive weeks.

The full list can be viewed here.

Thanks @weisheatan for the alert!

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25 Comments for Celcom upgrades network to support LTE with service interruptions expected


will iphone 5 LTE support malaysia LTE spectrum?


nah… normal coverage also still bad at same rural area.. prove that malaysian telco doesn't take niche market seriously..


I think Soya Cincau should highlight that Samsung phones, even Note 2 selling in Malaysia are without LTE…

    Kamala Dewi

    What really meh? waaaahh so pity lor for those already bought S3.. what a waste of money not having LTE technology supported…I really hate 3G now using YES 4G

      iPhone rulez

      YES 4G not LTE la….apa lu cilita nih….duhhh….


      Correct indeed S3 Malaysia is not LTE ready..just got S3 leaflet (bearer). Pity S3 user.


        When I saw those S3 users keep saying their samsung phone is the best, I really, really PITY those idiots…


          who are the idiots now? buying a LTE equipped phone even though there are still no LTE in Malaysia or just simply buy a phone without LTE but has the best features.

          There is no point buying a LTE equipped phone when its not supported. Idiot!

          SO you bought your iphone 5. can you use LTE? Idiot!


          we are not trying to say apple good or whatever. just ask yourself, why samsung selling in US with LTE ready buy not in Malaysia? can't you read this topic properly? LTE going to ready in few months time… no everyone as rich as you to change the stupid phone within few months..


          lor. simply because LTE is not available yet in Malaysia. Ready in a few months? only in KL?

          once the service is good enough, the coverage is better, the LTE pricing is cheaper, your phone is due for an upgrade already. Its going to take a lot of time to ensure the LTE service is stable and by that time maybe there are Galaxy S 5 or IPhone 10 (with 10 rows of icons) already. Definitely with LTE.


          Smart Guy, I guess u have reading problem… why don't you read and understand how much coverage the celcom intend to upgrade to LTE soon… r u sure LTE phones going to be cheaper by then? u just assumed… but1 thing I'm sure is your lovely phone prices will drop by at least 50%…


          hahaha. LOL. good luck using your LTE then. lets just see. thanks for calling me smart though. Appreciate it 🙂

          Anyway, when I said about LTE pricing, I refer to the internet plan. Its gonna be really expensive at the beginning. Read carefully 🙂

          Hmm. I definitely sure that you dont have any clue what phone I'm using now. One thing for sure, it is always a better phone than yours. LOLOLOL


          Smart guy, guess what, I am one of the idiots who bought S3 on the launching day (and assumed it will having same standard worldwide and having 1 year warranty on the battery), that's why I was so upset and regret for getting this sub-standard phone, the feeling is just like new BMW having turbo engine worldwide buy selling in Malaysia without turbo for the reason of Malaysian are not ready for it… do you mind what better phone are you using which is better then mine?
          FYI, LTE will be ready by early of 2013 (how many months left from now), my point is very clear, since oversea S3 having LTE ready specification, why shall we having a sub-standard specification?


          yes, shall wait for S3 which supports 4G.

Kamala Dewi

I know..thats why im using 4G, cannot tahan 3G too slow..


No KL, JB, Penang but Kelantan and Terenganu? !


Malaysia most likely going to deploy LTE in 2.6GHz spectrum, which is NOT compatible with iPhone 5.


    Since China will having LTE in 2.6GHz spectrum as well, therefore, unless Apple not interested in China market, otherwise iPhone 5 shall support LTE in 2.6GHz spectrum


LTE Frequency band:
For Malaysia, LTE band will be running at:

a) 2600MHz (main band, confirmed)
b) 1800MHz (supplemantary band to be confirmed later time but this appeared in newspaper biz section)


    hi.. what is the different from main band and supplemantary band?

    If i'm buying iPhone 5 from australia that only support 1 (2100 MHz) 3 (1800 MHz) 5 (850 MHz), can i use LTE here in Malaysia.

    Sorry, I'm a bit of a newbie here. =)

Kamala Dewi

What being told by TST is true, why must Malaysia get a substandard samsung S3 when US spec of S3 comes with LTE ready. Im pretty sure Samsung is well aware that LTE is coming very soon. Not an ifag and android fan but why must industry player start to embark on LTE now when iPhone 5 is just around the corner and why not when Samsung S3 was being introduced? why? why?


    Thanks Kamala Dewi, when I pointed out something Samsung did which is unfair to consumer (android fans), the android fans will start attack me and assumed that I am an ifag….
    In fact, my intention is to protect their right, and to get whatever benefits that what they are supposed to enjoy….