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iPad Mini launch event likely to happen on 23rd October

The iPad Mini is now said to be officially revealed in an event happening on 23rd October. It is pointed out that the date is on a Tuesday which is unusual considering Apple has often launched products on a Wednesday. However the timing of the launch is interestingly. It is exactly 3 days ahead of the purported Microsoft Surface tablet launch and one day ahead of Galaxy Note II US launch event.

So far the iPad Mini has been revealed in several leaks like the iPhone 5. In terms of hardware, there isn’t much details apart from a 7.85″ display and the use of the latest lightning connector. The launch of a smaller iPad may signify a shift of Apple’s direction as Steve Jobs had earlier dismissed tablets smaller than 10″ as dead on arrival.

Hopefully the iPad Mini will be able to WOW the crowd over the current crop of 7″ tablets.