Samsung Galaxy Note II goes on sale 19 Oct at RM2299 |

Samsung Galaxy Note II goes on sale 19 Oct at RM2299

Posted:  October 11, 2012   By:    41 comments   

Galaxy Note 2 Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy Note II lauching tonight is officially priced at RM2,299, the same as the original Galaxy Note when it was launched last year. Only the 16GB will be available in Malaysia but if you need more storage, there’s always the microSD expansion slot.

However in terms of official availability, you would need to wait until next Friday, 19th October 2012. For those planning to get it on contract, it will be bundled by Celcom, DiGi and Maxis. 2 colours are offered – Marble White and Titanium Grey. Samsung is said to be bringing in more Titanium Grey in anticipation of higher demand, which is also our preferred colour among the two.

We will be covering the event and shall provide more details as soon as we have them.

If you have any questions on this Quad-Core 5.5″ Phone-Tablet device, shoot them over here or tweet to us at @soya_cincau.

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41 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Note II goes on sale 19 Oct at RM2299


Where the event will be held?
How long can the battery last with full charge, based on your own usage of the phone?


cant wait lah brother cincau XD

MJ Khor

Will it be available for both colors or only one color?


    Both colours but Samsung Malaysia says they will be bringing in more Titanium Grey stock

      MJ Khor

      Thanks! I LIKE TITANIUM GREY~!!!


any details over telco launching promo/event/price on next friday?


tarak 32gb ke?


    Nope. Only 16GB.


Brother Cincau, any idea why Titanium Grey is on higher demand this time as compared to Marble White?


    Titanium Grey looks better and more premium than the Marble White. The Note II looks cheap in White and fingerprints are more obvious. That's just us but others that fancy white colour might disagree.


You can pre-order the Note II via Digi, check this out!…


Maxis don't have offer yet? Or have better offer for MOC members?


    i got note 2 ori set for 1800
    add me wechat for more detail
    wechat; WHOOOO3

Cass Chong

huh… why Samsung Malaysia dun release the pebble blue color? so sad… T.T


    Globally there's only 2 colours, Marble white and Titanium Blue.


Finally it's here! Does it have dual sim capability as rumoured?


    No dual-sim. Supports single SIM in microSIM format.



helmy sons

s3 or note2 better??


    i guess Note2 much better it specs!!!


does note 2 support notification LED? like s3 ?


Hi. Im using galaxy note 1 right now. Always have battery problem when im on 3g. U thinks note 2 going to have same problem. I notice it using 3100mah. Note 1 using just 2600mah. Tq


    Mind sharing what sort of problem? We will report our battery life findings soon.


bestnya klau beli ni…

MJ Khor

Hi SC,
GN2 will be available on 19th Oct, Penang state also the same?


    Should be nationwide. If you are looking for telco offering, DiGi has started offering pre-orders in Suntec, Penang branch as well.

      MJ Khor

      I think I'll purchase without telco as I'm still bind under DiGi contract. I'm sincerely hope that 19th of Oct I can purchase at either Samsung Centre E-Gate Penang or Prangin Mall Penang.


Is it the one in the picture is titanium grey version?

Its more looks like black to me.


I love my s3 haha…


where can i get the GN2 other than telco?? any samsung store or authorized retailer around klang valley?? hopefully can get it on this coming friday 19th OCT


    You can get from Samsung dealers. Online retailers are also selling it but do take note of AP and original Samsung Malaysia units.


Singapore will launch the their 4G LTE version. Anyone here knows whether their LTE version is compatible with our telco once we got 4G LTE service by early next year?
If so, I would cancel my order and purchase a 4G version at Singapore.


Singapore will launch the their 4G LTE version soon. Anyone here knows whether their LTE version is compatible with our telco once we got 4G LTE service by early next year?
If they are compatible, I would just cancel my order here and buy a 4G version at sg.


    The LTE spectrum for Malaysia is 2.6GHz. Whether it is compatible with SG units is not officially known yet.


I want to know more samsung galaxy note2.. And how much the price of that smartphone.. I aso want to know about the spesifications..


i want this smartphone.. cool


    i got note 2 ori set for 1800
    add me wechat for more detail
    wechat; WHOOOO3


will i have to pay additional charges to my telco if i buy it from,and not with the data plans on those telco,and when i using internet from my wifi on note 2………………….im confuse


    If you buy your Note II outright, you are not bonded to any telco. Just pick a plan that suit your needs and you only pay for subscription charges.