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All Your Questions Answered: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II

We’ve just gotten Samsung Galaxy Note II which is a 16GB version in Titanium Grey. In the hands, it build feels rather similar as the Galaxy S III albiet a bit larger. In comparison with the original Galaxy Note, the width doesn’t feel much different but it is noticably taller.

On first impression, the new enhanced S-Pen is really an improvement and we like that the Note II opens up a customised S-Pen home screen the moment the stylus is being detached. Moving between apps and home screens feels very snappy.

If you have any questions, do shoot us at the comment section below or tweet to us.

We will still be covering today’s launch event so do follow us at @soya_cincau for the latest updates.

Q1. Where did you get your Galaxy Note II?
We ordered ours from IPMart. It arrived 3 days after ordering.

Q2. Does Smart Rotation work?
We’ve tested it briefly and it is works as intended. It is funny why nobody have thought of solving this First World problem earlier.

Q3. What version is it running on?
Android 4.1.1

Q4. When is it officially available in Malaysia? For how much?
19th October 2012 at RM2,299

Q5. Which telco is offering it on contract?
Celcom, DiGi and Maxis. Compare their plans and pricing here.
DiGi starts pre-order from RM1,399.
Celcom postpaid bundling starts from RM1,498.
Maxis offers it as low as RM999 for Maxis One Club members.

Q6. Is there 32GB and 64GB versions?
Samsung Malaysia is only offering 16GB version for now.

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Q7. How does the Galaxy Note II compare with other smart phones?
Check out our comparison table.

Q8. Is Multi-View available for Malaysia?
Not at the moment. Multi-View is available on our unit after OTA (Over the air) update. Samsung Malaysia mentions a firmware update that enables Multi-View will be released in Malaysia after product availability.

Q9. What colours are available?
Titanium Grey and Marble White. Samsung Malaysia will be supplying more Titanium Grey units in anticipation of higher demand.

Q10. Is there notification LED?
Yes it does.

Q11. Is LTE version coming to Malaysia?
None on the moment.

Titanium Grey Unit Photos