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Rumoured details of LG Optimus G based Nexus Phone

LG Google Nexus Phone

Word has it that one of the next upcoming Google Nexus device will be coming from LG which will be based on its flagship LG Optimus G. Although it shares similar hardware, the design of the Nexus device will be totally different which possibly maintain the same curved design of the Galaxy Nexus.

Among the specs revealed include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB/16GB of on-board storage. The display would be utilising LG’s 1280×768 TrueHD IPS screen and there’s a 8MP shooter at the back. The next Nexus is said to be running on Android 4.2 and it is expected to be revealed next month. What’s new with the Optimus based Nexus is it supports wireless charging. The downside for this device would be its non-removable battery and there’s no microSD expansion slot.

Earlier chatter also suggests that the LG Nexus device would have some water resistant capabilities but this is yet to be confirmed. While LG isn’t favoured for its speed of software updates, perhaps a Nexus device this time might attract some new consideration for their smart phone.

It has been a year since the Galaxy Nexus was revealed and replacement is finally due. It was earlier rumoured that we could be seeing as much as 3 Nexus phones from different manufactures – LG, Sony & Samsung. Samsung’s upcoming Nexus device is said to be a bumped up version from the existing Galaxy Nexus with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, better cameras (8MP back, 1.9MP front) and the inclusion of a microSD expansion slot.