HTC One X+ officially revealed with bumped up specs |

HTC One X+ officially revealed with bumped up specs

Posted:  October 2, 2012   By:    15 comments   

HTC One X Plus

The HTC One X+ is finally revealed with no surprises on the specification. Seen as a refresh of its flagship HTC One X, the One X+ comes with upgraded hardware such as a new Tegra 3 processor that goes up to 1.7GHz, 1.6MP front facing camera, larger 2,100mAh battery and 64GB of on board storage. According to HTC, the new Tegra 3 processor offers 67% improvement over its predecessor.

It still maintains the same 8.9mm thickness but the weight has increased slightly to 135 grams from 130 grams to cater for extra 300mAh of juice. The rest of the specs remain unchanged with the similar 4.7″ Super LCD2 display with 1280×720 resolution, 1GB of RAM and the same snappy 8MP f/2.0 camera.

Just like the original One X, it still lacks micro SD expansion and the battery is non user removable. Out of the box, the HTC One X+ runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is expected to go on sale in Asia beginning November where a regional launch is expected soon. Check out full product details over at HTC One X+ product page.

For existing HTC One X and One S users, HTC has also added that the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update with Sense 4+ will be rolling out soon beginning this month.

Head after the break for product images and a hands-on video by CNet.

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15 Comments for HTC One X+ officially revealed with bumped up specs


any 4.1 update for HTC Sensation?

    ex htc

    lame update for htc if u want to know..
    i already using htc now change


      better than samsung in updates for sure. look at the s2 with ics update. pathetic.


        s2 for ics too fast update..maybe u don't know..if u want to know s2 waiting for jelly bean next month..


so they plus the X.. see how much they plus the price.. hope the equation is right


    Hope the 64GB won't mean they can double the price. Nobody going to buy because the space is bigger. microsd card very cheap now.


interested to know htc one x+ price in malaysia


HTC ONE X was released in April 2012. By October 2012, it is an obsolete piece of unibody slab. HTC ONE X+ is not good enough to battle with iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. Not to mention Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Jelly Bean. In short, HTC ONE X+ fate: DEATH ON ARRIVAL. Again? How sad. Very sad. But still quietly brilliant!


    Imo one X is a much better phone than S3 already. I have friends who have the S3 and they suffer from..stutter. it stutters more than my htc sensation. One X is a far better device after i tested it with the s3. although on paper s3 does have better specs but that ugly pos touchwiz puts me off instantly. It's just that..most people..when they think of android. Samsung is the first choice. much like iPhone except iPhone is only made by apple and no one else. Oh not to mention far better software updates. the S2 had a terrible ics which I flashed a custom rom over it since day 2.


    not to forget htc will the launch the long rumored HTC One X 5 with a 5 inch 1080p display and they may follow the Twin Flagship thing like they did with the Desire and Nexus One duo and introduce the rumored Nexus 5. Benchmark of One X is already higher than S3 and with this overclocked you can see it totally puts the S3 in shame. Sense > Touchwiz


    You are right SteveK. My wife hates SGS3 due to touchwiz. The problem with HTC is with their marketing strategy and also their "lack of feng shui" in terms of product launching. One X is without doubt better than SGS3. But better phone without better selling figures means nothing.


I love my One X. Now wait for the JB update which going to happen in Oct (test ROM already leak) 🙂


Both S3 & OneX are great phones in their own way..


hi, is this true?
the HOX will get JB by end of this year? it says so in this link from techradar,…

please confirm! thanks


How many htc one x + user in malaysia???