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Rending of upcoming BlackBerry 10 L & N series leaked

BlackBerry N Qwerty Full Keyboard

Right after the recent BlackBerry Jam event, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices in full rendering had been purportedly revealed in a video which has been taken down. Apart from the full touch screen Blackberry L series device, there’s also a new BlackBerry 10 N series which features a full QWERTY keyboard.

Earlier on, some details of the devices were leaked with the L series having a 4.2″ 1280×768 356ppi display and N series having a 3.1″ 720×720 (330ppi) display. This is certainly good news for BlackBerry loyalist that prefer the tactile feel of a physical keyboard.

So far there’s no detail specification of the BlackBerry 10 N device but from the photos, it looks like a BlackBerry Bold 9900 with a bigger screen. The new UI with its Flow, Glance and Peek for BlackBerry 10 is certainly refreshing and it is interesting to see how RIM would adapt the experience on a keyboard + touch screen form factor. Both BlackBerry 10 devices are expected to launch in early 2013 and hopefully it will bring the much needed excitement for RIM among consumers.

Head after the break for more product images and Lowyat.Net’s hands-on video of the new BB OS 10 on a Dev Alpha B device.