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Sony Xperia sola gets Glove Mode feature with ICS update

Xperia sola glove mode

With more Sony Xperia devices getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, Sony Mobile has given its Xperia sola something extra. The Xperia sola with its Floating Touch feature lets you perform hovering actions on screen without touching the display. This lets you expand drop down menus on web pages and pre-select text links before clicking on them.

With the new ICS update for Xperia sola, they are introducing a new feature called Glove Mode, like the title suggest lets you interact with the display even if you are wearing gloves. This comes just in time for the winter season at the upper hemisphere. The feature is an extension of Floating Touch and bikers that wear gloves would certainly find this useful.

Head after the break for the demo video.