The iPhone Case That Does Almost Everything

Posted:  September 27, 2012   By:    10 comments   

Most phone cases are just that, cases. Aside from protecting your device from scuffs and dings, the run-of-the-mill phone case doesn’t really do much else.

Well…that’s before the ReadyCase.

The ReadyCase is only 3mm thick but it packs more goodies than any other smartphone case out there. It has a rear panel that houses an interchangeable camera lens ring so you can attach various lenses made for the iPhone, a holder for an accompanying 8 or 16GB thumb drive (the thumbdrive doubles as an adjustable kickstand both in portrait and landscape mode). There are slots for you to store your headphones and cables, and there’s even an integrated multi-tool that can be two types of knives, a screwdriver and a bottle opener.

The people behind the ReadyCase say that the case will be made out of “aerospace grade composite materials” and is asking for US$40 from you to fund the development of the case with a goal of $15,000 by late October. If they do get enough funds the case is expected to ship early next year.

Head over to after the jump to check out what the ReadyCase can do.

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10 Comments for The iPhone Case That Does Almost Everything


Love the idea, but after hearing that the new iPhone 5's back easily scratches, I want a full heavy duty cover, especially the otterbox defender/commuter series


    I will go for heheheheh


    if i were you, i would avoid buying premium item that is sooo volatile and fragile that will leads to value drop once scratched.


      I already have 3 iPads so I'm too entrenched into apple's ecosystem, it'll cost me more to change than to just continue buying apple products. Nokia lumia 920 looks nice, but no idea about the reliability of windows phone.


Lumia 920!!
(no, this is not troll – I am truly excited!)


looks like go to war field …. may be suitable to use at Diaoyu Islands (known as Fishing Islands, Senkaku as well) …..


it's definitely worth for the price looking at it's functionality and features…

Derrick Lai

I Think the usb & the knife will scratch the back VERY EASILY~!!! but i do love this one.

amelia smith

With the use of covers you need not to worry about the scratches on your iphone. I have personally cracked the front screen of my iphone 4S and now prefer to use a cover to protect it from the corners. When I searched on internet I found variety of apple iphone 4s covers and then I purchased a silicon cover but, now I will buy a new cover as I want to give my iphone 4S a new look again.

iphone 5 aanbieding

Looks great, would buy!