VIDEO: Apple iPhone 5 ad focuses on the perfect size

Posted:  September 22, 2012   By:    9 comments   

Apple has just released its official ads for the iPhone 5. The first ad talks about the iPhone 5 perfect size using the thumb being able to reach all ends as an example. After all, the new iPhone 5 maintains the same width of 58.6mm as the iPhone 4/4S despite having a bigger screen. This is probably the best size for single handed operation when compared to its mammoth sized flagship rivals.

Head after the break for the rest of the iPhone 5 commercials that shows off its dimensions, panorama camera mode and the new EarPods

p/s Can’t help to think that the “Thumb” ad is Apple’s way of poking fun at Samsung’s “Designed for Humans” tagline for the Galaxy S III.

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9 Comments for VIDEO: Apple iPhone 5 ad focuses on the perfect size


This is going to be amazing!!! But 4G still not very strong in malaysia, then how?


we dont even have the 4g yet la. the Yes 4g and P1 is different one. u cant use it with iphone 5


Malaysia won't work at all even when LTE is available. We are using 2.6ghz. Not supported by iphone 5.


    According to what i've read Malaysia (similar to Singapore) will have 2 LTE Bands one at 2.6ghz and another at 1.8ghz. Since iPhone 5 will work on SG's 1.8ghz LTE Band there's a 50% chance that Malaysia will get LTE too *fingers-crossed* (at least) Besides i'm pretty sure that the Malaysian telco's will try and get into the iPhone monopoly especially with LTE (or so i think)


I read somewhere there is no point is having LTE with our so-called 'unlimited' data plans which will slows down once we reach our monthly data limit. It means that of course we can download faster with LTE, but most probably we will reach your limit faster. Which is somehow true in my case. I used to be using YES 4G mifi and it swallowed my data allowance like duck to water. IMHO 3G is good enough plus wifi where available in Malaysia scenario.


Well, that can be true in some aspects or instances, but 4G is still that much bigger a step in the evolution of technology in Malaysia. Besides not everyone actually uses their internet to the fullest (max out their monthly quota, some are just the average user that checks that mail a couple times a day and probably a video or two the most, and maybe facebook/twitter) Videos are the culprits that eat up our data plans (i've read that 1min of video viewage on YouTube is about 2/3mb (depending on the resolution, this is based on 720p)


haha wait till IPHONE 5 drop price with LTE finally established in malaysia = PROFIT


To everyone who is wondering, Digi is currently setting up 4G LTE everywhere in Malaysia and most parts in Klang Valley had been covered. I think they haven't officially launch it only. But they had announced it.

The ads are very ironic in a way. The first video showed how comfortable the iPhone 5 is to the thumb but ALL the other videos showed the user using it with another hand's finger. LOL


Celcom's network is already LTE ready. They're just pending from MCMC on frequency licensing and regulation. Once they role out, the coverage will be nationwide