Maxis Announces Nano SIM Availability Starting September 24

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You’re planning to get the iPhone 5 from Singapore but the new nano SIM card that the device uses is not yet available in Malaysia, what are you to do? Well, just get one from Maxis.

In a statement, Maxis has announced that it is the first mobile operator in Malaysia to introduce the nano SIM. Maxis says that customers who already have an iPhone 5 and those who plan to purchase the device in the future can get the nano SIM for RM25 starting September 24 at the Maxis centres stated below. Other Maxis Centres nationwide will offer the new SIM format by late September.

Klang Valley
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Sunway Pyramid
The Gardens

Queensbay Mall

Johor Bahru
Danga Bay

Measuring 12.3×8.8 mm in size with a thickness of just 0.7mm, the nano SIM is 30% smaller and 15% thinner than current micro SIMs. Aside from the reduction in size and thickness, nano SIM continues uses the same smart card chips and offers the same functionality as current SIMs.

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9 Comments for Maxis Announces Nano SIM Availability Starting September 24


Brace yourselves. Overpriced iPhone 5's are coming.


    That's really true. If you have to take postpaid contracts on the big 3 telcos, the cost of owning an iphone is expensive for people with low calls and 3G data usage. For myself who use a smartphone extensively to browse on wifi but very rarely on 3G, prepaid on umobile are really the best options as the pay as you use data rate is astronomical on the big 3 especially Maxis.


apple nih always saja lebih kerja…dari sim biasa,kena potong jadi kecik,skang lagi kecik…..betul-betul lebih kerja dan menyusahkan.


    Sim ke,micro sim ke,nano sim ke,function dia tuh same jer.tiada kelebihan extra pon.lain la kalau nano sim tuh bleh dapat nombor awek cun secare rahsia.kui kui kui….


Sim sampai mana phone dia, gangnam style betul!


So 24th get the micro sim to insert in our a**hole is it?


I mean NANO sim


Dont' waste you RM25. You can just cut the micro sim even some of the metal plate got cut off. I tried and it's working. ^_^


sdh ada org buat iPhone5 percuma kat Msia, gile sial……