Almost everything you need to know about iOS 6

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iOS 6 will be available for Malaysians to download from September 20 (September 19 in the US). The latest Apple mobile OS will support the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4, the new iPad and iPad 2 but as with previous versions of iOS, not all supported iDevices will get all the over 200 new features the latest version has to offer.

If you’re an iDevice user, you’ll want to know that Siri is still lacking local support and is only available for the iPhone 4S and new iPad. On the up side, Apple’s own Map app will have local support including turn-by-turn navigation and local search. Flyover 3D maps won’t be available in Malaysia though.

Here’s a quick rundown of which devices getting which features:
Siri: iPhone 4S, new iPad
Flyover: iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad
Photo Stream: iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2, new iPad
FaceTime Over 3G: iPhone 4S, new iPad
VIP List: iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2, new iPad

While you wait for the download to be available, check out this video explaining the key features coming in the new version.

Bonus Tip:
Before updating to iOS 6, make sure that you’ve disabled Restrictions. Without Restrictions disabled your device may not be able to transfer purchases, backup or sync with your computer. To disable Restrictions, go to Settings > General > Restrictions.

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20 Comments for Almost everything you need to know about iOS 6


Turn by turn navigations coming to Malaysia in Apple Maps next month 🙂


If I am not mistaken, turn-by-turn navigation is not available for Malaysia. There are some restrictions services to certain countries. Correct me it I am wrong.

    Galaxy S III FTW

    No la only for the first 2 weeks only got no turn by turn navigations . In October we will get it , check the website see coming soon section got Malaysia.


    Showed coming soon in October


Yes, you are right Marvel.


At the end of the day, the criticism doesn't matter. Apple leapfrogged everyone by several years when it introduced the first iPhone. Today, its mobile ecosystem is the best there is. Its mobile operating system is the best there is. And that's what really grabs people's attention. Software. Not hardware tricks and specs.…


    what u mean is the 1st generation iPhone is as good as Galaxy S or Galaxy S2?


      First gen iPhone leapfrogged each phone before it. As Galaxy S and S2 comes AFTER first gen iPhone, it didn't count. You have to compare both accordingly.

Gangnam Style

well i still find it hilarious about the never ending android vs ios flaming and trolling. there will not be a single phone that suits every human being, at the end of the day, it's just down to preference. happy with what you spend your hard earn money on is the most important thing.


it started with the itard. thank god you haven't come across any of them who thinks their phone are so much better because theirs is the best selling phone. i still remember a few 3gs dickhead friends who ask me to take pictures in the club despite their having no having any flash.

still i bought iphone 4 because the design at that time simple overwhelms me. But I sold it off after 4 months. over the smoothness of ios vs the lagginess of froyo i tolerate the lagness of froyo more vs the limitations of the phone.


    some people just want few icons (the few core apps), nothing more.


    I rather sacrifice a bit of smoothness to get more functionality. It is like running programs basic mode or advanced mode. Different user different preferences. Don't need to fight


I thought I just saw a map of Johor Bahru at 0:17


"Apple’s own Map app will have local support including turn-by-turn navigation and local search" – soyacincau[dot]com

Dear soyacincau[dot]com,

Please do your homework first before making the above statement. As from Malaysia WILL NOT RECEIVE turn-by-turn navigation. It may change in the future.

You are welcome!


    You might want to click that link of yours. Click on turn by turn and actually read the country list properly.


    Brendan never did his homework.


You can choose between these three:
1. Brand new glass/aluminium combo smartphone in iPhone 5 with brand new iOS 6.
2. Antique plastic/glass combo smartphone in Galaxy Nexus with brand new OS (Jelly Bean).
3. Quite new plastic/glass combo smartphone in Galaxy SIII with antique OS(Ice Cream Sandwich)



Does the iOS 6 comes with YouTube app? I read some where tha. Apple is removing the app on iOS6. Anybody cam confirm?


    the iOS YouTube app that comes pre-installed is removed from iOS 6 because of an contract between apple and google for the use of Youtube expired. But you can still download the youtube app that is within the App Store (sadly, it only supports iPhone at the moment with news that the iPad version will be coming next month, but no specific date was made mentioned)