iPhone 5 coming to Malaysia this Oct 26?

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iPhone 5 Malaysia Launch

UPDATE: As pointed out by reader apple7, Oct 26 is a public holiday (Hari Raya Haji) which isn’t an ideal launch date. We could be seeing a different iPhone 5 launch date for Malaysia when the roll out approaches.

UPDATE 2: Nano SIM for iPhone 5 now available from Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

UPDATE 3: iPhone 5 officially announced for Malaysia on 14th December.

The recently announced iPhone 5 will be available commercially starting next Friday where our neighbour Singapore will be among the first in the world to have it. While Malaysia’s availability is still unknown, word has it that we will be getting it sooner that expected.

Malay Mail has reported that Malaysia will be getting the iPhone 5 on October 26, according to one of their industry sources. That’s just slightly more than a month away from now. However the only caveat is that the tentative launch date may get pushed if demand is higher than expected. They added that if demands are within Apple’s projection, the October 26 launch date for Malaysia and other selected countries should remain unchanged.

Apple has constantly increasing their international iPhone roll out speed and if the October 26 date is true, other smart phone players would need to step up their game especially when it comes to Malaysian availability. Samsung recently has shown faster releases in Malaysia with their Galaxy S III being available in Malaysia in less than a month after its announcement in May. Hopefully they too will be releasing their upcoming Galaxy Note II soon before the iPhone 5 reaches Malaysia.

In terms of iPhone 5 pricing, we don’t expect any difference compared to the iPhone 4S that starts from RM2,199 for the 16GB version. In Singapore, the iPhone 5 pricing on Apple Store is identical to last year. If you’re planning to get one from down south, it is much expensive now because of the current exchange rate.

The iPhone 4S currently is sold at RM1,799 for the 16GB version while the 8GB iPhone 4 is now priced at RM1,499 at the online Apple Store.

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59 Comments for iPhone 5 coming to Malaysia this Oct 26?


the new iphone is using nano sim can our normal sim or micro sim convert to the new sim card?


But I notice that oct 26 is hari raya haji. So it's a public holiday. All of our telecommunication center will closed that day.


    nope. public holidays are the busiest period for telco centres. Plus, similar to previous years, the launch date is dictated by Apple.


why haji will close…?


    Its a national public holiday and religious. Very disrespectful. Nobody is stupid enough to do launching during Raya, christmas and CNY.


why haji will close…?


Public holiday lar…ofcourse close…


is it all of the apple machine shop will close??


can't wait for this iPhone 5


someone can reply me??
is it all of the apple machine close or what???
i cant wait anymore…?
is this the real date ?oct 26?


    I think they will do roadshow. Still can sell during public holiday


can i buy from apple machines???in shopping complex??

    Lt Dan

    No, at the fruit stall.


can someone reply me??i wanna know?

    Dee Lern

    Good things come to those who wait 😀


bryantang, no one knows for sure when iphone5 will be available in malaysia. you have to wait for the official announcements.


Bryantang, if u really cant wait anymore go get it in Singapore/ US


then who can expect when is it coming???/they said is it october?is it possible??
singapore too far for me….


    anyone can tell me?


when is the official announcement??


since iPhone 5 is a 4G phone, it is not supported here except with Yes, so are you really sure that it will be available in Malaysian Market?


    Yes 4G is not LTE, they like to call them 4G but its actually just WiMax

    Lt Dan

    iPad 3 supports 4G. But you still see them selling here.


who can answer??me???when is it coming out..i cant wait it…anymore…


    r u idiot or something? just wait or go else where to buy


      sorry ecyl..i just cant wait….
      is the date of iphone 5 really releasing in october 26????


How much will ut be in sg? And when is the launch date in sg?Because i want to go n but there


shut up bryantang! twat


already found the iphone 5 at plaza alam central shah alam. freaking expensive rm3500+ for 16gb.. at least right now


U can buy from Sg but maxis still don't have the nano sim!
I've ask already

Leon Loke

Most shopping center will stay open on the 26th October . Sim can trim to fit the size, no worries


hope that iphone 5 can release in this month , so many date they dont launch must be lunch in hari raya haji ….so weird


The day will come…when u woke up……but when everyday we think and ask when iPhone 5 will release on Malaysia………but those stupid seller…resell in Malaysia with so expensive….cause is their fortune time…….they are waiting the price drop too……. Their aim is those customer that can't wait….that's why they sell so expensive……iPhone 5, pls come fast and save us……


slaves of gadgets…… dumbass….


I just want to ask if iPhone 5 come out , than iPhone 4 can trade in to apple company to change it?


iphone 5 from the down south (Singapore) which is selling for SGD 948. In the other words, it is cheaper than those KL dealer (early birds stocks). Why?? the currency exchange rate is about 2.5 now, and which means SGD 948 x 2.5 = RM 2370. Come on, it's cheaper a lot than dealer ready stock price, RM 3K++


    They are called scalpers. There will be willingful idiots who would pay RM3K for the latest iPhone which encourages sales at higher prices. The power of Apple fanatics


it's oct 26. the fact it's raya haji is irrelevant. even digi says on its website that nano sim will be made available starting oct 26…


    I like how simple thinking to assume iPhone 5 is available when nano sim is available. Last time microsim also available before they launch here. It is to capture users that bought from overseas.


I really want the iphone 5!!!!!!!


What is wrong wit tat guys name…..fucker


I went to Maxis center in KLCC yesterday 16th and wanted to buy a Nano simcard but they said Nano is available only for postpaid right now and not for the prepaid. I explained I have been with maxis for 10 years and now should I go to Digi? The person in charge asked me to wait for a while. She went inside to talk to the manager. she came back to me and said come back on 28th when we are going to introduce iphone 5 and that day we will be able to give you the Nano simcard.


    oh Azman.. is that true? 28th of october huh? but recently we had heard many rumours of the dates of launching of iphone 5 in malaysia.


    but the dates ain't true…


I don't think is 26of October….I think it will be in November….I bet rm1000 with u all. Forsure……who believe me ?


Any comment?


Ha Ha Ha HA, this news falls flat.


shit lo.. like this better buy at singapore….


Yah loh…dan reka man tenis soya cincao …go Home lah useless

Kini kong bra

Ya loh dam feak…

apple fan

I'm disappointed with above statement…
now stock at Singapore also finished…


I had a bad experience buying iphone4s from other than local telco or malaysia apple online store. Got it from the US. After Upgrading to ios6, the Wi-Fi was disabled and no way to fix it. Had to send it back to the US for replacement as iphone warranty was not internationally, but locally. So guys, think twice before getting it from other country.


Pinang area I phone didn't com today date 10 nov start