By the numbers: iPhone 5 specs and dimensions compared

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iPhone 5 Specification Dimension Comparison

UPDATE: iPhone 5 hardware specifications updated with more smart phones including Windows Phone.

The iPhone 5 has finally been revealed and we’ve compared it with some of the current and upcoming crop of smart phones. In terms of dimensions, the iPhone 5 is the lightest and thinnest of the bunch under 8mm thick and 112grams in weight. That’s even lighter than last year’s Galaxy S II which weighs in at 116grams. In terms of thinness, arguably there are other slimmer models such as the Huawei Ascend P1 S 6.68mm and the Motorola RAZR’s 7.1mm (only at the thinnest point).

While the iPhone 5 has the smallest screen at 4.0″, it still maintains the same 326ppi Retina Display. When compared to its large screen rivals pushing 4.7″-5.5″ inches, the iPhone 5 still has one of the highest pixel density in this comparison. Of course there are those that come close and exceed such as the 4.5″ Huawei Ascend D Quad at 326ppi and the 4.3″ Sony Xperia S at 342ppi.

In terms of processor, the iPhone 5 comes with a new A6 chip with Cortex A15. Currently it isn’t clear on the number of cores and amount of RAM but we will update this later. It will be interesting to see how this goes against the current dual-core and quad-core processors from the Android camp.

A missing component from the iPhone 5 is support for NFC. NFC has just started to become a standard in high end smart phones and it is disappointing that Apple has decided not to include this in. In the imaging department, nothing much has changed in terms of pixel count but they have toughen the camera glass cover with Sapphire glass.

We will update this once the full details are in.

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28 Comments for By the numbers: iPhone 5 specs and dimensions compared


Iphone 4s got 2?typo there…


the iPhone 5 label is wrong @@


    Fixed. Thanks guys for the alert!


still Duo core!!? no NFC? what an outdated spec!…how to compete with samsung? Anyway,Apple you can try file lawsuit to other manufacture for infringe your patents such as round triangular body edge and so on for profit….!! no doubt


    i bet it still sells a lot. the thin form factor appease a lot of people. but seriously, Apples feels like a dying company. Their copier Samsung has more new stuff on their s3 (apart from JellyBean) than the whole of ios 6 combine.


    The number of cores doesn't mean everything and you don't buy the phone just based on the spec.


    it may have lousy specs but its user experience is better than android phones with quads. but anyway still sucks for me


Why didn't put any Sony in the table? 🙁


iPhone 5 Maintains the same 326ppi Retina Display.
Maintains because ip5 using 640 x 1136 pixels not 640 x 960 pixels..
n the smallest screen at 4.0..that's why can get 326 control ppi..


Any information on when iPhone 5 is releasing in Malaysia? Really can't wait to get my hands on it! 😀


Nokia Lumia is better than most of these phones and packs a fresh and dynamic new OS. Why stick with iPhone 5 when Apple clearly can't be bothered to innovate since they know people blindly love them. Lightness and thinness hardly means anything when you have to cover it with a solid casing.


    Couldnt agree more .. Lumia 920 will be my next phone .. For all my ios aps, i have my ipad for that .. Am just hoping there still a resale value of my iphone 4 ..

    Soyacincau should gave more coverage on Nokia Lumia though ..

      Just Guy

      soyacincau is well known for bias against nokia.. still remember the photo comparison post. it sum it all up. nokia always deem as not 'revolutionary' enough, even though it pass iphone 5 by far, just look at ppi and resolution, not to mention camera, and battery.

KuLi's fans

Well, Foxconn CEO said before,"when new iphone launch,will put Galaxy Siii to shame".and Apple will hit 10million sales at the end of Sept mean in a week,it took samsung 50 days for S3 ! Miles for other to chase for this.This is the FACT,althought its hard for samseng kaki to admit…

    Orang Timur

    FACT? What FACT?
    Wait until end of Sept laa then only we know whether your "FACT" is fakta or auta…


    I'm not sure Apple have hit 10million sale but I am pretty sure with an malfunction map, they have became an laughing stock! So bad till their CEO has to apologise to their customer!


FYI, Note 2 using Android 4.1 . wrong info


I m an apple fan. I must admit the iPhone 5 is good, but lack of the 'wow' factor. Still thinking if I should go for it as I'm using 4s now..


    Even with an half baked map in it???


Same here, it looks great and all but the camera is basically the same, processor is 2x faster, screen is slightly bigger and I think that is pretty much the difference between iPhone 4S & iPhone 5. As much as I want this phone, it's hard for me to justify getting it when it's only slightly upgraded (IMHO but to each his own).

LTE is useless here in Malaysia since telcos don't have the speed to use it here. Other improvements should be available for iPhone 4S when the iOS 6 update rolls out. And what's up with the design, it looks like a slightly longer (albeit lighter n thinner) iPhone 4S.


dude, note 2 runs on android 4.1 Jelly Bean hello.

Iphone5 confirmed 1.02ghz 2 cores, 1gb ram only.

Soyacincau should add the camera feature of panorama mode for all device, if not later those apple fanboys thought android copy apple again. And to be fair.. Should add in Nokia & sony, motorola in the list.

I'm not apple hater.. I owned ipad3, iphone3gs, Gnexus, SGS3. Thought will get the IP5 after launched, but it just don't "WOW" me this time. Sorry Iphone5!


If you really think about it, the only time that the iPhone has really wow-ed us was when it was first announced in 2007. Every new iPhone after that was only incremental update.

Lim Cheng Siew

iPhone 5 is the best-selling smartphone. Since iPhone. PERIOD. 5 millions++ number did not lie. We live in a capitalist world. Those company try to make money by selling products. Forget about some of the best mp3 players – Zune or from Creative Technology – where are they now? Marketing-wise, THEY FAIL!


    Iphone could be sold for millions in a day is because they have big flock of I Sheep, loyaly buying every IPhone that launch every year with or without thinking. Marketing wise they are birlliant, creative wise they are going down hill not because their brain are less developed than Samsung, they simply being blinded by the big sales numbers and the numbers or millions of dollars have making them too arrogant to have a mere respect or responsibility to their loyal customer or their I Sheep. Afterall, why waste the time to come out with something good or crearative when the sales have been guaranteed?

    P.S. I'm not an Iphone hater, I am just an consumer who refuse to become one of their sheep.


      Well Ace, you must have zero knowledge on technology, after iPhone5 releases, many company have done speed test, fill test, browser test and durability on iphone5 compared to S3, and it clearly show the performance is better compared to current smartphone. I am an android user, just to show Android user have knowledge on technology. That's why after all the test, most of the android user have not post anything since then.


soyacincau is well known for bias against nokia.. still remember the photo comparison post. it sum it all up. nokia always deem as not 'revolutionary' enough, even though it pass iphone 5 by far, just look at ppi and resolution, not to mention camera, and battery.

Agreed. Another biased webbie.