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Time Fiber 100Mbps Home Broadband at RM179

Posted:  September 12, 2012   By:    16 comments   

Time Fibre Home Broadband 100Mbps

Time has recently introduced its new Fibre 100Mbps Home Broadband that’s offered at only RM179/month. At 100Mbps, this is the fastest home fibre offering at the moment, beating the rest of the fibre players right now. Unlike the rest which offers unlimited quota until futher notice, the Fibre 100Mbps Home Broadband offering is limited to 100GB per month.

Based on their FAQ, there’s no installation or deposit charges for now and only monthly subscription fees apply. The subscription comes with a Cisco router and a free DECT phone. Just like other fibre plans in the market, the plan is tied with 24 months contract.

The high speed fibre comes with its own limit as well. Once the 100GB quota is reached, the download speed will be throttled to 1Mbps. To regain full speed, Time is offering quota top ups below:

1GB – RM10
5GB – RM25
10GB – RM50

Just like other Home Fibre offerings, Time also offers voice calls which are charged at 15sen/min. For those that make regular calls each month, there’s the Add-On Voice plan which bundles RM15 worth of credit and a lower 10sen/min call rate for just RM10/month. The voice plan also offers a low 8sen/min call rate to selected IDD destinations.

For users that use more than 100GB per month and need volume rather than speed, Time also has the Unlimited Home Broadband plans which comes with unlimited quota. Price starts from RM129/month for 8Mbps, all the way to RM399/month for 50Mbps. If you have the sudden need for speed, there’s a special 50Mbps boost option that’s being offered for plans below 50Mbps. Each month, you can have 30 hours of boost speed and if you need more, it can be purchased at RM10 for 2 hours, RM30 for 8 hours and RM50 for 20 hours.

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Time Fibre is available at selected high rise residential condos and office buildings in the Klang Valley. You can check if your place is covered here.

For more information, head over to Time Fibre page.

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16 Comments for Time Fiber 100Mbps Home Broadband at RM179


this is by far the best home broadband deal! 100mbps?? wow thats million times amazing than others.


i dislike the word, Quota…


Fking time.. very bad services… im staying at a conso in klang… so call say even though stay at 10th floor x prob… use it like shit.. bs bs bs !!


    thanks for the info!


    are you sure? because it should be no problem in whichever floor you live in because this is using cable. If you use network broadband like celcom, yes, maxis etc then, it should have some problems connecting to the upper floor especially more than 15.


      yes I'm used it with my college mates.. Their service sucks badly.. I'm not lying ==''

Mr. Mrs

WOW! 100Mbps @ RM179? This is crazy!!

Blah Blah

do you guys realize that 100GB @ 100Mbps means you can download at full speed for roughly 2 hours and you will have fully used up your quota? 😉


    Roughly 3 hours and its all gone LOL. But dont think you will use that much though. Unless you torrent or use filesharing sites.


Avaliable in whole Malaysia?


I'd like to know the some feedback. Has anyone try this? Thanks in advance

Patrick Hospes

Wonderful work! That is the type of information that are supposed to be shared across the net.


maxis homewayerless vs time home broadband . which the best?


anyone tried on this? any speed throttled on download like maxis?


anyone know the router settings?