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iPhone 5: Live Blogs We Recommend You Follow

iOS or Android, no matter which side of the mobile fence you’re on, you will want to know everything about Apple’s latest smartphone.

Tim Cook will be unveiling the iPhone 5 tonight and if you’re staying up to catch the latest info right as it happens, here are the live blogs that we follow and recommend you do too.

The Verge
The Telegraph

The event kicks off at 1000hrs PST — that’s 0100hrs Malaysian time. We’ll be tweeting thoughts and the latest details about the iPhone 5 during the event. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, now is probably the best time to start.

What can you expect with the iPhone 5?
Much of the details are almost certainly confirmed like a 4-inch display (the largest in an iPhone), an all-aluminium body, a smaller and redesigned dock connector that’s rumoured to deliver faster data transfer rates as well. You can also expect a bump in processing power with a quad-core processor and probably a bump in RAM as well. The iPhone 5 name is pretty much confirmed as well.

The switch to nano SIM is also looking like it’s going to happen as is the new in-ear headphones. There’s not much talk about the camera so we’re not expecting a megapixel bump but an enhanced imaging sensor and improved camera app is a safe bet.

Naturally, Apple will want to introduce new features with new iOS 6 operating system that will come with the new iPhone and not much has been revealed about this, so expect surprises here like an improved Siri and other smart features.

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See you on Twitter.