DiGi Super Sale offers free Galaxy Gio & EVO 3D

Posted:  September 12, 2012   By:    15 comments   

DiGi Free HTC EVO 3D, Galaxy Gio

DiGi is offering a rather affordable deal on the Samsung Galaxy Gio and HTC EVO 3D. Both phones are offered for free with 12 months contract on DG Smart Plan 48 which comes with 1GB of data.

If you calculate the monthly subscription, the total ownership cost is just RM576 or RM516 if you opt for auto billing (RM5/month rebate). Not bad considering the HTC EVO 3D used be to a high end device selling at RM2,199 during launch. The Samsung Galaxy Gio is a 3.2″ HVGA device that runs on 800MHz processor while the HTC EVO 3D is a rather high end device with 4.3″ Stereoscopic 3D display and dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

At the moment, the HTC EVO 3D is temporarily out of stock. That should be a good buy if DiGi restocks it back soon.

For more information, head over to DiGi Super Sale page.

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15 Comments for DiGi Super Sale offers free Galaxy Gio & EVO 3D


I checked with the customer service and apparently it is not available anymore for HTC device.
Unfortunately your news this time is overdue.


Sam, actually it's Digi's fault. Once this promotion is up, it was out of stock already. I don't think anyone get the Evo 3d. BTW there is another good phone (LG Optimus Black) just offered by Digi and I have already bought it.


    I think Digi actually just do offer very limited device maybe less than 5 or 10. BTW when you get your Optimus Black? I wanted to get it but unlucky it is out of stock too.


      what a joke, so fast out of stock.


      quan, i was lucky coz i was checking for the availability of Evo 3d and i saw they added new phone 🙂 i posted the comment here after i got it


However, as written it is temporarily out of stock, does it mean it will be in stock later?
This is really confusing.


    I don't think so because I went to Digi Center asked they told me that's no more stock for HTC Evo 3D.
    They say the offer is actually on road show. I am not sure about that.


lg optimus was out of stock too!!


    They already removed the EVO phone. Optimus black also out of stock. Now left the cheap cheap phones that nobody want.


      Really $&@&@ la this digi…


Just another deceiving ads from digi. Digi try to regain its popularity by promoting its smart plan. Unfortunately, it can't be due to increase competition from the market.


In 1bolehland you can place scaming ads and gets away with it, there are no enforcement of consumer law. To be a develope country by 20??….well continue to dream on..zzzzzzzzzzzz


    This actually consider scamming, put an ads but actually no device selling. they can just leave the ads there to misleading people. no choice. digi always do fake promotion.


      Let in foreign telcos here in 1bolehland, compete in fair businese ehtics with no protectcism. Soon local telcos will fail or rather fall like dominoes.


Don't know u guy still remember the Digi Senang-Senang Menang Contest in May 2011, promising to give away a honda City each week. Unfortunately, the contest end half-way due to insufficient budget. The odd things is they still receive the contest and deduct the credit of DIGI prepaid for each sms sent.