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Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Note II

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the Galaxy Note II as a bigger Galaxy S III with more RAM and a faster processor but Samsung wants to tell you that there is more to the Galaxy Note II than you think.

This 13-minute video official hands-on video highlights pretty much all the great features in the Galaxy Note II. It presence a pretty convincing case showing that Galaxy Note II is so much more than a bigger screen and better processing power.

Here are some of the cool features that we like are:
Best Faces: Say you’re taking a group shot of your friends; Best Faces takes a burst and lets you choose the best looking faces of each individual in the picture. Once you’ve selected all the best faces, the Galaxy Note II will create a composite of the image with all the best faces you’ve chosen.

Air View: This is a really cool feature as well allowing you to preview document contents, calendar entries and pictures in albums just by hovering the S-Pen over the content that you want to preview. Not just that, Air View works for videos as well allowing you to preview videos just by hovering over a video thumbnail.

Quick Command: Quick Commands are customisable S-Pen gestures that make accessing your most used apps and features quick and easy. You use the S-Pen and draw a customised gesture and the command you want the gesture to do (tweeting for example). Once you’ve completed the gesture, the tweet is ready to go. It really is an amazing feature.

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Screen Recorder: Screen Recorder allows you to record your actions and inputs on the screen and share it across. The feature can also record audio so you can annotate while drawing a sketch of a rabbit for example.

New Gallery Features: There are some really nice viewing options in the built-in gallery application of the Note II. Albums are also very easy to create as well.

Judging by the video, the Galaxy Note II is shaping up to be a runaway success for Samsung. Even if you think the 5.5-inche screen is huge you can’t help but to think that Samsung has packed some really innovative features into its latest flagship.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.