The Samsung Galaxy Note II Could be in Malaysia as Early as October

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UPDATE: Samsung Malaysia teased Galaxy Note II is coming soon.

UPDATE 2: Samsung Galaxy Note II media launch event on 11th October. Read more.

UPDATE 3: Samsung Galaxy Note II priced at RM2,299 and will be available on 19th October.

UPDATE 4: Telco plans for Galaxy Note II compared.

After the unveiling of the Galaxy Note II, you must be wondering when the device will be available in Malaysia, how much is it going to cost and which local operators will be offering the device. While we don’t have definitive answers for these questions, we know enough to be able to give you a rough estimation.

First up is availability. Samsung has indicated that the Galaxy Note II will be released in major European, Asian and Middle East markets in October. And the last time we checked, Malaysia is still a major market for Samsung so it is reasonable to expect the Note II to be available in October at the very least.

In terms of pricing, we’re expecting the Galaxy Note II to cost as much as the original did when it was first launched last year, so expect to pay around RM2,200 for the Note II. At the same time, expect Samsung Malaysia to revise the pricing of the Galaxy S III to make room for the Note II as the new flagship in the market.

As for local operators, it’s a safe bet that Celcom, DiGi, Maxis and maybe even U Mobile will be organizing simultaneous launches for the Note II. Contract pricing for the phone should be around RM1,600 on a 24-months plan.

These are all of course predictions and things could change from now till October but we’ll keep looking out for the latest info and provide updates as soon as they become available. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the Note II. Are you planning to get one?

To recap on the official specs, the Galaxy Note II runs on a faster 1.6GHz Quad-Core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM with a 5.5″ 1280×720 HD Super AMOLED display. As expected, it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With a bigger screen than the older Galaxy Note, it is taller at 151.1mm however it has a shorter width of 80.5mm (Galaxy Note: 82.95mm) thanks to a thinner bezel design. Despite having a larger 3,100mAh battery, the Note II is thinner at 9.4mm (Galaxy Note: 9.65mm) and slightly heavier at 180g (Galaxy Note: 178g).

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39 Comments for The Samsung Galaxy Note II Could be in Malaysia as Early as October


I got to get one when it launch here… Just wonder why the dpi has reduced


    Smaller resolution and bigger screen. less dots per inch.


      you're right lina..


    however, now note2 contain 3 sub-pixel per pixel, i have seen the real Note2 compare to S3,
    the wow effect and the screen, is much better than s3 with pentile matrix.



    but this one have real rgb stripes so it should be better than pentile in previous version.


The most attractive feature is the 3100mAh battery and 2gb ram…




What I'm interested in this phone is the huge battery lfie.. I've owned the razor MAXX previously .. Got it from Singapore and really loved the long lasting battery life… Even w/out stop using it , It could last 12hours min.. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use it for 10-11hrs at least 🙂
Great phone with the 2gb ram and the 1.6ghz quad core.. Would love to watch all the gre8 shows I have stored on my computer on this phone..


Don't know is it possible to use the 3100mAh batt on GN 1


Estimate USD 800 (Approx RM 2500 +/-)


    Samsung will sell below RM2299 cos to fight the iP5


Decision x 3. Galaxy note 2 or LG Optimus G with Quad core s4?



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samsung rubbish

Rubbish phone


    because your home don't have dustbin and rubbish


      Rubbish is posting rubbish


    hahahahaha!! typical iphone fanboy…


LoL~ i see iPhone 5 have a hard time after this


    apple have good future for sue their competitor only


what a lame..nor exynos 5250 chip yet to be use..lg will fuckin rock with new arm a15 qualcomm chip..
28nm vs 32nm


less than 12 months , newer model is put, those who sign up 24months plan….good luck.


looking forward to this ultimate smartphone but just had my s3…


can't wait to move from iphone 4 to Note 2…time to dump iOS…getting really bored with it…


    cant agree more..


cant wait for it …. going to change from one X to note 2…


going to change from public phone to note 2


when just release at Malaysia?

SNSD Jessica

Countdown for the month of October.. Ohhhh! S Note 2… I really can't wait to hold, touch and cuddling u.. Hehehehe..


I want Note2 too. Does Digi have any package for it? Would like to pre-book this phone.. The normal mobile dealer sure will take advantage and raise the price high up, don't like that at all..


    im using s2 but gng for this great fone note2. cant wait always go to fone shop to look.hehehe


I am waithing for my note 2 , note 1 was perfect, was à terible swimmer :-(((

Chin Kiang

Went back to my hometown in Batu Pahat. One of the Samsung shop in BP Mall accept deposit for pre-order already. They say it will launch later this week. Maybe on Friday. Can anyone confirm this? Retail price at RM2299.


    RM2299?? Hmmmmm still in my budget heheheheheh


the torture of waiting….. Ohhhh~~


samsung slow and crappy touchwish but cheap
iphone is fast but expesive ,need jail etc

2 noobest phone


Can't wait for it xD

Technology Blog

however, now note2 contain 3 sub-pixel per pixel, i have seen the real Note2 compare to S3

Willing Tan

Guys! Did you get you Note 2? Are you loving it? It's Big, Bold & Beautiful! =)