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The Samsung Galaxy Camera Revealed

Update: More details on the Galaxy Camera — The lens is wide-angle 21x optical zoom lens. The 16-megapixel sensor is a BSI CMOS unit that is larger than most camera phones but run of the mill for point and shooters. The 4.8-inch display is a HD SLCD unit. Processing is via a 1.4GHz quad-core chip that’s likely a Samsung-made Exynos. You get 8GB of on-board storage and microSD expansion. A rather small 1,650mAh battery provides juice. The device runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

After much rumours and a lot of uncertainty, we’ve finally gotten confirmation that the Samsung’s Android-powered camera is indeed real.

Just like the Nikon Coolpix S800c, the Galaxy Camera ushers in a new stage in the evolution of Android devices – full-fledged cameras powered by the most used mobile operating system in the world at the moment.

Initial details reveal that the Galaxy Camera features a 4.8-inch touchscreen display and what looks to be Android 4.0 running on it. Just like any Android powered device, you can download apps right from the Google Play market and use it like you would on any other Android device. In terms of imaging, you get a 16MP sensor but we can’t tell at the moment what size sensor that is. Though considering the Galaxy Camera is actually a camera and not a phone with a camera bolted onto it, we expect the device to have a larger sensor than typically seen in smartphone.

In terms of camera functionality, you get virtually identical features as you do on the Galaxy S III like face recognition and Easy Share. Text and MMS messaging is also possible but it doesn’t look like you can make calls with the device or use it like you would a normal smartphone.

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We’re expecting Samsung to reveal full details of the Galaxy Camera a little later, so stay with us for updates. As it is, we’re liking what we see, these Android powered cameras looks interesting. What do you think?