New Hotlink Prepaid Broadband up to 42Mbps

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Hotlink Broadband Prepaid

Maxis prepaid brand Hotlink has just introduced its new Prepaid Broadband service that offers download speeds up to 42Mbps. This replaces Maxis Prepaid Broadband that offer speeds up to 7.2Mbps.

The new plan comes in a SIM pack at RM5 and a complete Hotlink Broadband Starter kit that comes with a HSPA modem for only RM88. Both packages come preloaded with 50MB of free data. Existing Maxis Prepaid Broadband users are automatically converted to this new Hotlink Broadband plan effective 8th August and shall also get to have uncapped speeds up to 42Mbps.

In terms of data quota, there’s a wide range of Broadband passes to choose from as low as RM3/day:

In terms of speed, it varies on coverage and device. The bundled modem in the Starter Kit isn’t a HSPA+ variant and supports up to 7.2Mbps. It comes covered with a 12 months warranty. To get the most out of Maxis HSPA+ network, you would need a HSPA+ modem which is sold at RM280 at selected Maxis centres. If you plan to make calls and SMS, it does allow you to do so at 36 sen/min and 10 sen per SMS.

Hotlink Broadband is an affordable broadband option especially for travellers or those looking for an alternative wireless broadband for short term use. The wide range of broadband passes offers is certainly welcome to suit various usage.

For more information, head over to Hotlink Broadband page.

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25 Comments for New Hotlink Prepaid Broadband up to 42Mbps


MAXIS network was highly congested


    no, it's not.

    Saidin ahmad

    Maxis dlm 3,,4 hri ni line entent slu skt,, blh ka tlg tingkt kn lgi maxis ni.


look like this the cheapest and easiest to on board prepaid broadband plan…
SC, could you blog on device that allow 3g to Wifi comparison… a lot of ppl looking for this, and where to buy.




unlimited ?

Zact lee

Can it really reach 42mbps?.
Say i have the 42mbps modem…..

Does the coverage include kota kinabalu???
Im using it on my ipad and its not really fast……
Do i have to be closer to a com tower or something?


Sudah lah ada 2 jer

Zact Lee

The maxis postpaid line is fast i use it before……
Why cant this plan be as fast as that????
Their both maxis line right?.


forget it man…selling 42Mbps service but not providing with a 42Mbps ??? really nonsense…..


dude, they are SPEED 42mbps (depend area) BUT!!!!! here the tricks, IS not unlimited LOL
saw those quota ? once u hit 200mb = SLOW like sea turtle ~
let see …. Just Surf net Good ~ Watch Movie, Anime Or Download Stuff = BAD


Maxis terbaek.. hari ni nak gi kedai maxis beli pack RM88 ni..


Maxis Dah Teruk Sekarang.. Lain Broadband Macam Hampeh.. Teruk Dari Celcom…


Maxis dh OK dh..tpi knpa la ad kuota limit..klau buat 1hari..xsmpai 1hri pom,dh xbleh gna


line kekdng ok kekdng x…emmmmmm..

hadi hashim

tempat ambo…maxis ok la…dari segi speed puas hati..cumo yg tak puas hati…asyik makan duit aje…bila pass dah expired…kejap aje dia telan duit..kalau mcm broadband lain…dia disconnected aje…x ada la telan duit…


    Bkan ke kalau da habis still boleh browse lagi? Sbb saye selalu buat. Kadang2 sampai dua hari surf free..


i am using( yes 4G ) . i have used maxis,celcom broadband but yes 4g broadband is the fastest and the best. i living in malacca outside town but the coverage is really superb.watching youtube never ever been buffering

    Safuan Isaac Mansur

    Me too… Super fast, but also faster reach quota.. After using yes 4g, i just realized that i a heavy user…damned..!


From experience.. maxis is better.. i've tried and still using it. My latest download speed reached 40mbps. And im using TDM apps that multiple download speed by 2. So.. my download speed is 80mbps. Finished download a file 780mb less then 10 mins. (^_^)


ini semua poyoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how is the modem looks like? model & speed?


mane sesuai untuk online gaming aaa maxis? celcom ? digi? 4g?




Saya ada modem hotlink itu, cuma saya ingin beli simcard broadband hotlink saja. Berapa harga 1 kad tu?