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Quad-core Krait to debut globally with LG

Posted:  August 23, 2012   By:    6 comments   

Quad core Krait LG

Since it’s unlikely to get a Xiaomi Mi2 smart phone with quad-core Krait processor in Malaysia, the closest option would be coming from LG. Qualcomm has announced that LG’s upcoming smart phone will be carrying its Snapdragon S4 Pro platform which comes with Adreno 320 GPU.

In terms of performance, the Quad-core is blazingly fast in benchmark tests, scoring over 7500 points in Quadrant. As comparison, the HTC One X with Quad-core Tegra 3 scored around the 4500-4700 range.

Word has it that the model that they are refering to is the upcoming LG Optimus G that comes with 4.7″ TrueHD display, 2GB of RAM and a massive 13MP camera. The device with its top range specs is expected to be revealed soon at IFA2012 in Berlin.


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6 Comments for Quad-core Krait to debut globally with LG


wow.. in near future we'll see a phone with i7 performance. ARM processors are getting better everyday.


    ARM processors are still no match for desktop processors especially those from intel. And intel's single core processor scored very good in quadrant like 4k plus and its only a single core not a dual core. ARM processors will never be as fast as desktop processors in the near future http://megapowertech.blogspot.com/2012/08/intel-b…


      i heard nvidia claim their tegra 3 is faster than core 2 duo.

selamat hari raya

Ok,they hv the great hardware spec,but it is *LG*,no thanks.most worst update support in android history,froyo oso hvnt get ginggerbread..if those in samsung pissed off bout late update,try LG u will know u even get POO-ed off….


still very far….. but at least can beat with Atom


Good value for money phone, but after sale service suck big time, no firmware update what so ever. So give up on LG.