Maxis new TalkMore 48 postpaid plan

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Maxis Talk More 48

Maxis introduces TalkMore 48 which is a new postpaid plan that comes pre-bundled with talktime minutes and SMS for just RM48/month. It comes with 400 minutes of calls and 200 SMS which can be used to all networks in Malaysia that’s valued at RM75.

Additional call usage is charged at 10 sen/min to Maxis numbers and 15 sen/min to others. Additional SMS are charged at 10 sen to Maxis and 15 sen to others. Once your usage hits RM110/month, calls and SMS within Maxis are charged at 5 sen/min and 5 sen per SMS.

Overall the call rates are cheaper than the standard Maxis Value Plus 50 offering. Maxis VP50 charges 12 sen/min to calls within Maxis and 18 sen/min to others. With that rate, it gives you about 416 minutes of calls within Maxis or 277 minutes to other networks, whereas for RM2/month less (RM48) on TalkMore 48, you’ll get 400 minutes and 200 SMS which is better value.

For more information, head over to TalkMore48 postpaid page.

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5 Comments for Maxis new TalkMore 48 postpaid plan


does it cheaper than Value Plus 80 ? Appreciate your precious advise..


    It depends on your usage. Comparison:
    Talk48: Free 400min calls + 200 SMS. Calls: 10sen/min (Maxis), 15sen/min (others). SMS: 10sen (Maxis), 15 sen (others).

    VP80: Calls: 12sen/min (Maxis), 15sen/min (others). SMS: 5sen (Maxis), 15sen (others).

    If its majority used for calling, Talk48 is cheaper due to its free calls and a lower rate within Maxis. However for SMS, VP80 would be cheaper as the rates of 5sen/SMS within Maxis is cheaper. In the end, best to do a simple calculation from your previous bill on how much calls and SMS (within and outside of Maxis). you make.


so there is no mobile data services with this plan is it? can you suggest me the best plan that include internet. tq.


    On Maxis, you can get MaxisOne Plan if you make a lot of phone calls. If you need Internet more and make occasional voice calls, SurfMore 50/SurfMore 75 would be a better option.