VIDEO: Sony Xperia go gets tortured

Posted:  July 24, 2012   By:    6 comments   

The Sony Xperia go is a rugged little device that’s priced below RM1,000. Apart from being able to toss it into a swimming pool, the Xperia go is designed for more extreme situations. Check out the video above which subjects the Xperia go to unusual use case scenario including burying it into sand, blasting it with firemen grade hose and even running it over with a car.

More videos of Xperia go rugged test videos after the break


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6 Comments for VIDEO: Sony Xperia go gets tortured

Idderes Mh



Interesting indeed


wow, this phones really suits my regular outdoor cycling, running and swimming


Sony Xperia Go is a mid-range android phone from Sony that are really durable and dust proof . it offer a competitive advantage compare to other smartphone because not many phone can offer the durability like Xperia Go

Xperia Go complete overview >….


They should try testing acro S. Xperia go very low end.


xperia s too bulk