Maxis offers special port in bundle for iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Galaxy Note & Lumia 900

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Maxis Port in Bundle

Maxis is offering discounted bundled pricing for port-in customers where the iPhone 4S & HTC One X is offered from as low as RM799 while the Samsung Galaxy Note & Nokia Lumia 900 from as low as RM599. The special pricing is tied with 24 months contract of Maxis Value Plus 50 postpaid voice plan + 1GB data plan that costs RM98/month (RM50 + RM48).

As comparison, the devices are normally offered at RM1,850 for the iPhone 4S, RM1,449 for the HTC One X & Samsung Galaxy Note and RM1,309 for the Nokia Lumia 900 on the similar postpaid + 1GB data subscription. This is a substantial savings of RM650-1051 off the usual bundle. The only turn off in this case is the hefty upfront advanced payment where Maxis is asking for RM1,500 for the iPhone 4S and RM1,000 for the other 3 smart phones. The advanced payment as usual be refunded into your next bill which is used to knock off your upcoming usage charges. For those getting the HTC One X, they are throwing in urbeats headphones worth RM599 for the first 3000 customers.

The offer is not just limited to MNP (Mobile Number Portability) customers porting in from other telcos but also valid for existing Maxis postpaid customers. The offer is valid until 20th August and while stocks last.

For more information, head over to Maxis.

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18 Comments for Maxis offers special port in bundle for iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Galaxy Note & Lumia 900

Sam Lee

checked with them and was told that for customers from other telco mus be PREVIOUSLY an existing maxis customer to be valid for this deal. It is really misleading.
Anyone got this deal without being previously a maxis subscriber?


    That shouldn't be the case. According to their FAQ found here, you should fall under the 3rd type of subscriber.

    Offer is open to
    (i) Existing Maxis Postpaid customers who have an active line with Maxis, activated
    before 1 July 2012 and with no outstanding payments.

    (ii) Ported out Maxis Postpaid customers carrying the original Maxis Postpaid
    number and must be the original owner of this number as recorded within the
    Maxis database.

    (iii) Current Postpaid customers from other network providers who are interested to
    Port In to Maxis.


      It seem like another is scam like the previous Google Nexus. when through 2 Maxis centre like MV & Tmn Tun. Seem like all of HTC and Galaxy Note are out of stock. Only Iphone 4s and Lumia only. Any manage to get this Note and One X? Maxis not allow to book.

        Sam Lee

        Btw are you previously a maxis customer?
        Pls let me know if there is anybody not a maxis customer before and is entitled to this promotion.

        David Lim

        It’s not a scam la, just not a very ethical way of running a promotion. it’s basically how all the telcos in Malaysia do it.

        1. They commit just a small number of phones to a particular promotion.
        2. They commit to a long promotion period.
        3. They try to distribute their limited stock to ALL their stores across the entire promotion period.

        End result: Extremely hard to get the phone you want at their promotion price, unless you know someone who works at a Maxis centre who’s willing to give you a call when stock arrives. Otherwise, you just have to very persistent and go check every morning, or just plain lucky.

      Sam Lee

      i went to Tmn tun place and check, and i even call their customer service.
      Apparently their statement is WRONG or should i say misleading.
      anyways i work near maxis towers i will print this faq and bring it there is i have time.
      Anyways soyacincau pls check with them and also update us consumers.
      Thanks in advance.


I got from the gardens… Existing maxis subsciber… Futhermore, no need to the advance payment…




It's a sign the new iPhone is on the horizon


why digi cant do/offer something better/similar to their existing user? said in latest q2 announcement to bursa malaysia about more offer to highend customer for recontracting..but i got nothing.!


athough i am on maxis , i am planning of going away from expensive bills n charges

galaxy note hopeful

i went to klcc n the gardens yesterday n today… but they said out of stock… so sad…..


got mine from maxis ttdi yesterday


ttdi maxis got stock?


may i know whether a prepaid maxis customer is eligible to this offer? thanks


got mine from maxis at care4 sbg jaya 2day


my sis got a htc one X few days back from KLCC.

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It's a sign the new iPhone is on the horizon