Apple Must Advertise to Say that Samsung Did Not Copy Its iPad Design |

Apple Must Advertise to Say that Samsung Did Not Copy Its iPad Design

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In the latest twist in the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung, a British judge has instructed Apple to run ads to say that Samsung did not copy the iPad’s design.

In his ruling last week, Judge Colin Birss said that Samsung tablets “are not as cool” as the Apple iPad and as a result didn’t infringe Apple’s design. The judge ordered Apple to publish a notice on its website and in leading British publications including newspapers the Daily Mail, the Guardian and the Financial Times, to correct any impression that the Samsung had copied Apple. The judge also added that the notice should remain on Apple’s website for at least six months.

A spokeswoman for Samsung said: “Should Apple continue to make excessive legal claims based on such generic designs, innovation in the industry could be harmed and consumer choice unduly limited.”

Apple on the other hand had declined to comment on the order.

In any case, the British court ruling did not specify the content of the advertisement that Apple has to publish which means Apple has complete control of the advertisement, which will give in an opportunity to be cheeky with the messaging and use the “not cool” description as an argument against Samsung. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple does come up with.

It looks like there is no letup in the global patent wars between the two tech giants. Apple’s offensive is seen by many as a direct move to limit the growth of the Android OS and devices with Apple using its rights on patents too aggressively to stamp out competition.

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Meanwhile, in late June in the US, Apple won big with a court ruling that banned the sale of a range of Samsung smartphones and tablets including the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab state side after the Cupertino company claimed Samsung copied some of the technology used in its devices.

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14 Comments for Apple Must Advertise to Say that Samsung Did Not Copy Its iPad Design


Apple,dont deserve to b humiliated this way.its like a primary teacher punish pupil write " saya tidak akan buat lagi "…do they have done wrong to get this punishment? Would b a good just fined for money,if they lose battle.look like the jugdement had something corrupted.

p/s ; i not support apple or samsung,just view for the judging went very silly,bring shame for the court,bar council,lawyer n even to judge himself.


    good to teach Apple a lesson. Competition is good for consumer!


    agreed with chan… its like nobody can be as cool as u in high school.. wtf.. give ppl chance.. n make a health competition!!


      He point his view about judging decision made by the judge.not about the hoo-haa of apple vs carefull u know the meaning.example : someone stealing supermarket get jailed for 1 month,someone not bring their identity card jailed for 6 month. Its about the judge,court,lawyer n bar council went very wrong to came out ridiculous decision.


        ridiculous suits deserve ridiculous decision. typical american pattern everything.


          Well,i know american is always use "LAW" to scare off ppl by "i sue u".but its about the dignity of the LAW spirit been tarnish by professional law enforcer,the's same when germany judge granted win for apple that round shape at the angle by samsung tab,which i feel its also ridiculous banned on galaxy tab.the both judge need to be revaluate for their position.


apple's been going around claiming that samsung copied. so it's only right that once the court of law finds it to be not true, they go around telling samsung did not copy… 😀

anyway, this is the decision by the UK court. seems to be the opposite in US.




ig Apple stop claiming others copied.. this will not happened~ 🙁


Jangan gelak wehh….nanti apple putar belit atau bagi wang(kan dia kaya),kasi apple menang,samsung kalah….dia mintak samsung advertised 'samsung did copy apple,ipad are cooler than galaxy tab.tak ke haru biru…


Ooh, burn Apple. The company that built its reputation on being anti establishment has become the very symbol of oppression it so clearly opposed in its 1984 super bowl ad.

As for Samsung, they've got a poor track record for originality both in hardware design or tacky software features. I'm sorry to say but these Koreans have a derivative culture baked into their design DNA.


stupid samsung. it's so obvious they copied apple in the begining. the packaging, icons, home button tells the whole story. samsung u should just continue to sell tv. dont sell gadgets. thanks.


    Home button????? Obviously you just troll, there is no Home button on Galaxy Tab.


it always been the case when every time Samsung launched a new product then Apple will head to court to fill a patent infringement against Samsung. so this could be a good lesson for Apple.

here is the comparison of new ipad and galaxy tab 2…