The Nexus 7 is Probably the Most Difficult Device to Unbox

Posted:  July 18, 2012   By:    10 comments   

A skin-tight sleeve, ultra-sticky tape and a box that just doesn’t want to open, presents eager reviewers a formidable challenge when unboxing the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet. Take a look.

That being said, we can’t wait to get our hands on one and do an unboxing vid of our own.

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10 Comments for The Nexus 7 is Probably the Most Difficult Device to Unbox


Kind of interesting video, not sure google purposely build the box to be so tight and add on with adhesive. lol.


It suppose to make a challenge who can open the box fastest . Yeah that right!!
P/s surely i start curses if I can't unboxing the nexus tab opsssss…..


Is nexus 7 coming to malaysia?


    not yet, but pre order on the way 😀

      u no

      only left 2 weeks,ready get on my hand

vincent lim

Dear soyacincau , is there any way to contact you ? i cant find your email address and contact number here anywhere . kindly pls drop me a email to my personal email account [email protected] thank you .


    you can always ask him through his twitter account

      vincent lim

      i tried that actually

mike lau

when will nexus 7 be available in retails in malaysia? i've been waiting for too long… afraid that i'll get asus infinity pad instead…

u no

my nexus s n galaxy nexus already on 4.1.1 Jelly bean..
still waiting my nexus 7 🙂