Maxis offers iPhone 3GS for Free with RM50/month plans

Posted:  July 17, 2012   By:    15 comments   

iPhone 3GS Maxis

The 3 year old iPhone 3GS is offered as low as RM0 on contract with Maxis low commitment plans between RM30-RM50/month. This gives an alternative low-cost option to own a iOS device without expensive data plans.

In terms of bundling, the iPhone 3GS (believed to be the 8GB version) is offered on Value Plus Internet 50, Value Plus Internet supplementary 30 & Internet Value Plan 50. The first 2 are all-in-one package where it comes with voice, SMS & data while the Internet Value Plan 50 comes bundled with 1.5GB monthly data and calls/sms are charged separately.

For a period of 2 years contract, the iPhone 3GS can be yours free with Value Plus Internet 50 and Internet Value Plan 50. There’s also a 12 month contract option where you would need to pay between RM295-RM475 for the device. An upfront payment of RM750 is required for 24 months contract and RM500 for 12 months contract. The iPhone 3GS is going outright for RM1,099 at the moment, while the iPhone 4 8GB is priced at RM1,799.

If you have a supplementary or low commitment line which you don’t plan to change anytime soon, the free iPhone 3GS offer might be worth checking out. For more information, head over to Maxis.

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15 Comments for Maxis offers iPhone 3GS for Free with RM50/month plans

puasa dekat daa

24mth contract @@……maxis still got alot old stock huh….


    should b refurbished set than new.3gs adi discontinued after 4S were launch…only ip4 8gb.

RayMond Tan

been run for 4 outlets in KL~~~ ALL run out of stock!


cant find it at maxis website?

RayMond Tan

the ads been removed in maxis website


Exactly! They have no stock, they still make the publicity nonetheless!


trying to con everyone to buy a outdated phone ! this is really crap.

mr. bun

maxis is crap.


i so hate maxis, all outlets also no stock

Sad ! Maxis!

Yeap! Maxis Tipu…… front counter said no longer available. but i have seen their advertisement indicated that promotion till 30/7. very disappointed & angry! ! !

LL Cool

yes just ask in Menara Maxis KLCC, they say habis promo dy,



the internet only available on place have wifi? or when open internet on iphone can have internet everywhere?


    yes, internet everywhere


This promotion still Available?


is that available now??