How to Force Update Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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Update: It looks like this method works only if your device runs the yakju/takju of the Galaxy Nexus ROM. yakjuxw/jp versions — the ones that Malaysians get — will have to wait a little while more to get Jelly Bean. Sorry folks. For those who provided feedback, thanks for the info.

Alternatively if you don’t want to wait, you can convert your Galaxy Nexus to yakju/takju. This version is fully supported by Google whereas the other versions will get their updates pushed by Samsung or in some cases via operators. It’s a fairly simple process provided that you know what you are doing, and the methods are easy enough to find on the internet machine, just Google it.


If you’re a Galaxy Nexus owner and still have not gotten your Jelly Bean update yet you must be anxious, well here’s a way that might help get the latest Android version on your device faster.

From your Galaxy Nexus homescreen here’s what you do:
Go to Settings > Apps > swipe to look for the “All” panel.

In the “All” panel, scroll down and look for “Google Service Framework” and tap that. Inside the “Google Services Framework”, tap on “Clear Data” and then “Force Stop”.

Once you’ve done that go back to settings and look for the update under “Systems Update” in “About Phone”. If it doesn’t work the first time around, try it for a few times, you might get lucky and get Jelly Bean faster than scheduled.

Head on over to after the jump for a video instruction, the step-by-step starts at minute 1:37. We don’t have a Galaxy Nexus to test this on, if you do and you tried it, let us know if it works or not. Thanks and good luck!


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70 Comments for How to Force Update Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


Right now that works for the yakju version only. The galaxy nexus sold by Samsung Malaysia is yakjuxw, which gets its update about 3 – 4 months later.


    So how do we change yakjuwx to yakju version??


      You need to unlock your bootloader and flash the nexus factory images. You can find instructions over at xda-developers. Although be warned there is a chance that you may brick your phone if you dont do it properly.

Jerry Tan

I tried more than 30 times & is not working. I think this is not a local videos. Is a prank by Sonya cincau


    you simply didn't understand what is yakju, yakjuxw man.

      Jerry Tan

      Dunno wor. Maybe u could tell me in more details between this 2 items u trying to tell. If possible please attach with pictures, charts or whatever….if u don't, try not act like one


        The only difference between yakjuxw and yakju is they are from different manufacturers…the yakjuxw is from the Samsung while the yakju is from Google..the reason why we need to change to yakju(google) is because the jelly bean OTA update is for google users only(for now) but samsung may get the update several months after…so if you want to get the OTA update now you should download the Nexus Root Toolkit and follow the procedure…;-)


Thanks man! It works. Like Arif said, our version is yakjuxw. There's a guide to convert it to yakju, so after doing so, follow the above guide and you'll immediately get a JB official update. Awesome!


    how convert to yakju


      Go to Google search and type Nexus Root Toolkit..then you have to download it and follow the procedure..;-)




does it have any negative effect to our phone ?


    No…this method improves your device from the bugging ICS….:;-)


galaxy nexus takju user here. it worked.


This way is nice~successfully updated when trying for 2nd times~Thx SoyaCincau n the information provider~


    But…during the installation period…after reboot,my phone remain at a page that showing a lying android with a red exclamation mark on it~how come??


      i face same problem with you.just check your baseband & bootloader.
      mayb you noy fully convert to 4.0.4 yakju,just update this 2 thing.
      After that tray again update JB4.1.1
      good luck


        Cant really understand about baseband n bootloader~ can u explain more deeply for me? Thx


          U go to setting ->about phone,then u can see your Baseband version.
          Or u can install Android system info,then go to system in android system info,then go to buildinfos,
          U can check your bootloader version there.
          Baseband must be I9250XXLA2,bootloader must be PRIMELA03


          Then how to update them?


          My baseband is still at I9250XXKK6~how come u got a different one?
          Where to update both of this?


          Same thing happen to me.
          U still have the ICS4.0.4 image?if not u go Google download again the image,then extract the zip file.
          U will see those system,userdata,bootloader,radio…..
          Then I use Gnex toolkit v7.4 upgrade the bootloader & radio only.
          After that u confirm the version same with I mention ,then u can try OTA to 4.1.1
          Good luck to u.
          U can refer:……



Orlando Adeyemi

Yay! Folks it works!!! And I'm in malaysia!


    what version are you using ? yakju or yakjuxm ?


Guys. Mine has been updated. I synced my gmail account and it automatically detected the update.


goodby ics..welcome to jelly bean….:-)


I still don't get jelly bean. My nexus got from digi at the first day lunching.


    Me to I don't have it yet

u no

Already get 4.1..


This is not fake. Just got mine updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Just like the article stated, your GNex must be yakju/takju to get the OTA update. Go here,… to convert your GNex to yakju/takju.


    How do you know if your gnex is yakju? Mines is android 4.0.4 is that the one??

      MK Kimi

      download android system info app from market. Go to SYSTEM>BUILDINFO then scroll down to product.


SoyaCincau~may i know why during the reboot after installation, there is a android lying there with a red exclamation mark~whats going wrong?


    pls check basaband & bootloader version.

u no

nice jelly bean with my nexus 🙂


flashed my rom to yakju ( factory image ) , then get OTA update, now on 4.1.1
The differences between ICS 4.0.4 and JB 4.1.1 is obvious.


Q: How to know whether my GNex is yakju or non-yakju?
A: Download Android System Info from Play Store and look for Build Info.

Q: Mine is non-yakju. How to convert to yakju?
A: Read the thread here,…

Q: How to force update my GNex (yakju/takju) to Jelly Bean 4.1.1?
A: Read the article above.

jason yong

the most user friendly way to unlock bootloader and flash rom to yakju…managed to update my G.Nex to Jelly Bean by using GNex TOOLKIT…


hi all…appreciate some help here and not very 'techie'. my nexus is stil on 4.0.2 (probably the first batch available in malaysia). can i update it straight to JB 4.1? also i;ve been trying to 'install an update' but it seems to take ages…i once install an update for 13 straight hours but still not complete! i then remove the battery and restart. where have i gone wrong…?

    MK Kimi

    to install JB should have ICS 4.0.4 first.


      how do i get ICS4.0.4 then? was it the one that when i update and install, it takes more than 13 hours? appreciate the help …


      r u referring that i flash to yakju to get 4.0.4 and then only i will be able to update to JB? as i was saying…i'm not so 'techie'…

        MK Kimi

        if you have problem with ota update, i think you should flash to yakju 4.0.4. Like you, i'm not a techie person. this is from what i read at xda


          isthat what urself did? flashed to yakju 4.0.4?

          MK Kimi

          Yes. That is what I did. Go to this site and follow step by step carefully

          I think it is simple compared to what i read at xda


          thx for the info. btw which one did u follow; the XDA or WEBTRICKZ?

          MK Kimi

          I followed webtrickz coz to me it is easier to understand..esp the updated method which is easier than the previous method

          this one:…


          hey Kimi, again thanks for the info. i shall give it a shot and seewhat happens. will let you know then….fingers crossed!!


          GOT IT!!Finally laid myhands on JB!! Thanks MK!


I've got my official JB update today!!! Excited!!!


Got it on launch day 😀


Been using JB for 2 weeks now.. just flash it la. Go to xda-developer


    hi.can u please explain a bit more to me how to flash my gnex..


      been using JB for 1 week nw. Fluid. Just Flash my Gnex with yakju google factory image, then received JB official update.


Does not work it is shit…..


    it does work. just be patient and follow the steps accordingly.


when we can get the official OTA updates of JB for gnex samsung build?


    Maybe it will reach your device at the Q4 of the year or maybe the Q1 of 2013….


is this update available on GNex sold by digi?


    i don't think the carrier does any update. i last check with samsung service centre, they only update to 4.0.3.


Mine flash to yakju and within a minute jellybean update coming and i hit the button walla im now on jellybean for a week and it smooth as butter. New experience with JB. Cant wait for my tab. Waiting for samsung to update is living in hell. My tab already on ICS 404 flashing is agreat idea provided you know what you do.


For those running non-yakju Samsung GNex (those sold in Malaysia) but cant wait for Jelly Bean, you can try this:…
It is a toolkit and it can do everything from backup to flash rom and it is simple..


Mine is yakjuux… doesn't seem to be working after 5 attempts


    No,the article above says that you must convert your device from yakjuux to the yakju without ux…to do this,try to search nexus root toolkit and follow the procedure….then after you changed your device to yakju…that is the right time to go setting>apps>all>google framework…….pls don blame this article…hope this help you..;-)


wanted to give it a try, but I don wanna go all the way back to stock rom, running aokp milestone 5 rom in mint condition.

Brandon Wong

OK guys, serious – you got to give this method a trial at least 10 times and above, the moment I almost give up and suddenly – boom – new upgrade notification! I am very excited … I am getting my JB now… 160.3MB to download the whole package. JB finally deployed to Msia! Check yours now…. my friends who is using G-Nexus got is yesterday too!

Good luck!


Now it available for yakjuwx…


    Sorry… yakjuxw…

    Nexus User

    Yes, now the Jelly Bean is available on yakjuxw model. I’m received the update yesterday. Its so smooth.